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For over 10 years, through fully inclusive design, we have assisted energy conscious clients with the incorporation of renewable energy systems in their buildings. As Architects and lead consultants on community projects we have had a significant involvement in the design of an award winning Community Hall.

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California is in the midst of a water crisis. By The Republic of Chile has energy shortages and needs energy. Key factors have contributed to this shortage throughout the past decade, including limited indigenous fossil fuels, droughts and a natural gas shortage from Argentina in 2004. In addition to energy shortages, Chile is experiencing economic and population growth. The investment in a renewable energy mix is a high priority to provide a more secure energy supply, to reduce greenhouse emissions and to supply sustainable and healthier energy.

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Turkey is capable of obtaining 100% renewable energy by 2020. In 1970, the renewable energies could meet about 35% of demand. while in 2010, 10% of current demand was met with renewable energy. Current and even future electricity demand for 2020 could easily be met with renewable energies for an economically feasible situation. Even the primary energy demand could be covered by renewable energies, if sufficiently exploited! The transition from a fossil fuel based energy system to a renewable energy system is possible, if more commitment is shown.

We initiated and completed numerous promotion campaigns to boost demand for renewable energy and pilot projects in Zambia.

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This report gives an overview of the renewable energies market in India. We look at the current status of renewable markets in India, the energy needs of the country, forecasts of consumption and production, and we assess whether India can power its growth and its society with renewable resources.

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Advanced Heating and Energy Systems Ltd offers a wide range of pipes, fittings, and accessories for the installation of underfloor heating systems.

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Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and their energy consumption is following this same trajectory. The South American country has a choice between developing from mostly conventional energy, as developed
countries have done before, or choosing a more environmentally friendly way by developing renewable energies.

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South Korea is a country without many primary resources; the country imports most of its energy. It is one of the 5 biggest importers of fuel fossil energy in the world. To be less dependent on foreign countries includes reducing these imports, so the part played by using renewable energy has to be increased. Moreover, the greenhouse gases emissions have to be reduced or at least the rise of such emissions has to be stopped.

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This report focuses on how and whether it is possible for Germany to have all of its electricity generated by renewable power plants within the next ten years. It is fairly obvious that if possible, the chances of fruition are extremely low. Nevertheless is it extremely important to show decision makers and leaders the high potential, technology and possibility of green energy in Germany.

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This paper proposes that integration of enhanced electrical capacity realized through a large-scale integration of renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar energy, in the Indian electrical grid can lead to a smarter grid platform. This will ensure increased efficiency, reliability, and security, as well as a dynamic programable renewable resource mobilization in India leading to energy independence and an electrical grid that is much more reliable, secure, efficient, and greener.