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John C. Charles argues that these fictions have been overlooked because they deviate from two critical suppositions: that black literature is always about black life and that when it represents whiteness, it must attack white supremacy. The authors are, however, quite sympathetic in the treatment of their white protagonists, which Charles contends should be read not as a failure of racial pride but instead as a strategy for claiming creative freedom, expansive moral authority, and critical agency.

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It’s the particular way factors such as culture, language and tradition build a nation.

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I generally comment on IELTS exam technique rather than English. Try to avoid writing about yourself or friends in an IELTS essay. Don’t use “you” or “your”. Also try to balance your paragraphs and make sure that each main point is equally developed. Vocabulary is not a problem, you need to learn more about essay writing techniques. Please see the rules for posting writing:

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Aside from dollar bills, there are other factors that can give you happiness. Some of these are your family, friends, hobbies and work. Though your family may be unsupportive sometimes, your friends having the exact opposite of your ideas, hobbies that may injure you few times, and work that may drain your energy at most, they still bring happiness for free. Just the thought of being alone is implausible. It is then enough to be thankful and happy for having them.

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In this essay, I will be concentrating on films, and how the horror genre is included in them

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There is a distinct difference between what can be termed the ambiguousness of an identification process [4] and a dialectic functioning. Ambiguousness posits each individual viewer (or reader, listener, etc.) as subject: the subject, that is, who forms the interpretation. One becomes posited, formed, constituted, in fact, as the subject of the self-expression and self-representation through the mediation of a repressive ideological structure. That ideological structure is in this case narrative cinema, part of which is the process of identification. Ambiguousness aligns itself as a concept (and therefore as a reality) with the concept of freedom and individualism. The two latter concepts are extremely rigidified in late capitalism. The individual also thus becomes posited as static, as essence, as ideal (or referring to the possibility of such). The individual becomes posited as unitary, 'free' view, centred in deep perspective space away from the screen, and invisibly solidified, ever-present. Our whole formation towards, and in, filmic enterprises, is dominated by such ideological strangleholds.

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Thom Andersen (b. 1943) is an American filmmaker celebrated for his erudite, penetrating and refreshingly offbeat essay films. A patient historian and fervent cinephile, Andersen mined an unpredictable termite path deep into film history with two impressively researched and revelatory documentaries, Red Hollywood (co-directed with Noël Burch) and Los Angeles Plays Itself, which together embody the resolute yet subtle mode of politically engaged cinema that he has defined across his larger oeuvre. Both Red Hollywood and Los Angeles Plays Itself are compilation films, dense mosaics of scenes and shots culled from Hollywood films and transformed by voiceover narratives, written but not spoken by Andersen, detailing the suppressed histories of the American cinema decipherable within the moving images. The two films make clear Andersen’s profound understanding of popular cinema as both a dangerously amnesic form of cultural memory—an ideological filter that willfully distorts the world it purports to represent—and a uniquely insightful lens through which to critically engage written, and unwritten, history.

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Also included in the program are two early short films that place Andersen clearly within the vibrant avant-garde scene flourishing in Los Angeles in the Sixties. The playfully unequivocal Melting, for example, anticipates the work of fellow Angelo and friend Morgan Fisher, while Olivia’s Place is a tender monument to a local-culture establishment, a Santa Monica café, and an expression of the interest in street vernacular embraced by such Los Angeles artists as Ed Ruscha and Judy Fiskin.