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In his 1841 publication called Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson includes an essay simply entitled Self-Reliance in which he states "Trust thyself…Great men have always done so and confided themselves childlike to the genius of their age…" .

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Therefore in order to have a well-formed society, citizens should focus inward and have confidence in their own ideas before beginning to look towards other individuals; moreover, Emerson calls individuals not only in “Self-Reliance,” but also in numerous essays to act independently...

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His most famous essays include "Education", "Nature", "Self Reliance", and "Friendship".
Rhetorical analysis of "Education"
In this essay, Emerson dissects the education system of his time and exposes its flaws.

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Nonfiction > Harvard Classics > Ralph Waldo Emerson > Essays and …Emerson on the Two Pillars of Friendship – Brain Pickings13/08/2014 · How Ralph Waldo Emerson Shaped than by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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The first volume of Emerson's Essays (1841) includes some ofhis most popular works.

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This complete text of Essays, First Series by Ralph Waldo Emerson is in the public domain.

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I have recently read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, Self –Reliance, and have many different thoughts about the essay....

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The essay makes one more important literary point. Emerson takes it as a welcome sign of the times that "instead of the sublime and beautiful, the near, the low, the common" was being explored and made into poetry. "I embrace the common," he says. "I explore and sit at the feet of the familiar, the low .... the meal in the firkin, the milk in the pan." Like Wordsworth's call for a language of common men, this recognition of Emerson's went further than his own practice could usually follow. But Emerson's endorsement of common language had a powerful effect on the rising generation of young American writers, first on and , then on and others.

Emerson’s essays in Self-Reliance and Other Essays published in 1993 were about America’s independence and his writing.

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In an essay on of true friendship, Emerson points out that the most Ralph Waldo Emerson - Essays - TranscendentalistsRalph Waldo Emerson was known first A student of Emerson's essays will also want to study Emerson's Journals since he often worked Dial Essay (1844 ) The Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Friendship” (1841) – excerpts · PDF fileRalph Waldo Emerson, “Friendship” (1841) flow of love.