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After all, how can you go wrong with the kind of movies that feature fights between a revenge-crazed gladiator, a world champion pit fighter, and four tigers? The answer: you can't. That stuff is impossible to look away from.

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8-12-2017 · Gladiator Essay The  movie Gladiator is a story about the Roman Empire back in 160 A.D.

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Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination Gladiator (Movie) Essays: The movie contains some factual information 1-1-2000 · Read the Empire review of EMPIRE ESSAY: Gladiator ist ein mit fünf Oscars prämierter Monumentalfilm aus dem Jahr 2000.

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Regardless some historical inaccuracies, the movie very brightly revealed the spirit of the time. Rome at that period was violent and bloody, Emperors were mainly fighting and spent little time improving lives of common people. Gladiatorial fights served as the tools of showing that death is near and how it should be heroically met or was an allegory to reveal that life is cruel and one can die any moment.

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The movie also depicts the character of ancient or historical figures in Rome. Heroic figures are seen as wise people who overcome the efforts of their antagonists – who are referred to as villains. Maximus was a wise man who used his wisdom and skills to overcome his opponent, Commodus. He did not have an army that comprised of many people but his skill in Gladiator games made him achieve the best in his battle with Commodus. He used his skills to take over the Roman Empire as a witty and honest leader. On the other hand, Commodus used the wrong means to take over his father’s leadership. He is portrayed as the villain who ended up losing in his deals. He was overthrown by Maximus because of his poor leadership and lack of management skills. Historically, the movie portrays the necessity of knowledge and skills in one’s leadership. It is beyond doubt that ancient leaders were full of knowledge and leadership skills. It is also vivid that leaders could emerge from any community or social setting as long as they had the desired qualities of a leader. Maximus was sold as a slave to Proximo. He later emerged in the Roman Empire after exercising his wisdom and skills to overthrow Commodus. Commodus on the other hand lost his leadership title to his opponent because he did not have skills and knowledge as a leader.

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By viewing this movie and through research these one can see that even though it is a great movie, Gladiator, has some inaccuracies about these historical features.

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Speaking about Marcus Aurelius and his relationship with his son Commodus, as well as his image in the movie, the decision of Aurelius to give power to Maximus to restore free Republic is ridiculous, in reality he was against Republic restoration. Commodus did not kill his father as well. Not because Marcus died most probably of plague, which was very spread at that time period. Commodus in the movie is depicted as lazy father’s son, which in reality was not true. Beginning with 177 A.D. Commodus ruled jointly with his father and they jointly commanded wars. As to the Commodus’s image in the movie, he is around thirty years old, has black curly hair, is right handed and is of average built. History reveals that when Marcus died, Commodus was eighteen years old, was very strong, was blond and left handed. He was also not single, as at the age of sixteen he was married to Bruttia Crispina, though then he executed her in 182 or 187 A.D. after her adultery. Commodus’s death was also fictional, as he was strangled by the wrestler in 192 A.D. and not stabbed on duel, though it is true that Commodus was the only Emperor who participated in gladiatorial fights.

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In this paper I would like to present the film Gladiator (2000) by Ridley Scott as the research material to know and understand better what was going in Roman Empire in the late 2nd century A.D. and whether the movie reflects the true events and characters of that time.