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More formally, economists and other policy analysts often use the "Gini Coefficient" as ameasure of income inequality. The Gini Coefficient measures the concentration of incomes inthe nation, with a higher Gini Coefficient value implying more concentration. A feature of theGini Coefficient is that an increase in the incomes of the rich with no change in the incomes ofothers will raise the Gini Coefficient. The common procedure of regarding a higher GiniCoefficient as a deterioration of the national condition is equivalent to treating the socialmarginal utility of high incomes as negative - i.e., that something bad has occurred when thewell-to-do become better off.

The income gap has been widening partly because of globalization.

Economic inequality is the difference between people in their fortune and income.

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Symptomatic of this mindset is the widespread and debilitating preoccupation with “global inequality”. Whenever the United Nations and its plethora of associated agencies opine about the scandal of world poverty, figures on inequality always pour forth. (Such figures, though, are always higher than the likely reality: see ) It is not bad enough, apparently, that enormous numbers of people have to subsist on less than a dollar a day. The claim that this makes in its own right on the compassion of the West for its fellow men is deemed, apparently, too puny. The real scandal, it seems, is that much of the world is vastly richer than that. The implication, and often enough the explicit claim, is that the one follows from the other: if only we in the West weren't so rich, so greedy for resources, so driven by material ambition—such purblind delinquent capitalists—the problem of global poverty would be half-way to being solved.

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These are only five causes of poverty. They are both external and internal causes; both man-made and natural. Just as there is no single cause of poverty, there is no single solution. Nevertheless, understanding the ways in which complex forces like these interact to create and sustain the conditions of widespread global poverty is a vital step toward combating poverty around the world.

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The relationship between the growth rate and income inequality, is also found to be negative.

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Critics of multi-ethnic federalism would be on stronger ground if they could show that any of the federal failures could have been democratically governed as unitary states or as American-type federations, as suggested by the International Crisis Group (“ Ethiopia: Ethnic Federalism and Its Discontents”) or by David Ciepley (“Minimizing Conflict in Multi-ethnic Democracy: The Case for Dispersed Constituency Democracy”). However, there is little evidence to support such a view. Even Lenin, who was strongly opposed to multi-ethnic federalism, understood that accepting it was the only way to hold the Soviet Union together. Tito was similarly forced to adopt federalism in Yugoslavia against his first preferences.

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By applying OLS and 2SLS significant negative relationship is found between financial development and income inequality.

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A study of twenty of the poorest countries, compiled from official statistics, found that the number of people living in what is called "absolute poverty" or rockbottom destitution, the poorest of the poor, is rising 70,000 a day and should reach 1.5 billion by the year 2000 (San Francisco Examiner, June 8, 1994).