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2, 2007 Denis Simard, a representative of Environment Canada, distributed that lady’s photo to 7 media agencies, including the Associated Press, and timed it to coincide with the release of the United Nations’ major global warming report in Paris, France on Feb 3rd.

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When we think about global warming at all, the arguments tend to be ideological, theological and economic. But to grasp the seriousness of our predicament, you just need to do a little math. For the past year, an easy and powerful bit of arithmetical analysis first published by financial analysts in the U.K. has been making the rounds of environmental conferences and journals, but it hasn't yet broken through to the larger public. This analysis upends most of the conventional political thinking about climate change. And it allows us to understand our precarious – our almost-but-not-quite-finally hopeless – position with three simple numbers.

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No one can negate the fact that global warming is a serious issue and needs immediate attention. However, it is important to note that as Goodstein illustrates, it is not the only problem that the humanity is facing. For example poverty is also a disaster in most parts of the world and has to be dealt with accordingly. The study illustrates how the government pretends to be fighting the issue of reducing carbon dioxide emission and at the same time continues to open more airports. In addition, media is also criticized due to over emphasis on the magnitude of the problem. On the same note, whether there is global warming or not, other businesses have to continue since human needs have to be satisfied. Moreover, the work of media is to pass information to the public. Therefore, since global warming is a pressing issue, it has to feature in the media especially if it is attracting the attention of the public. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the debate has to be inclusive as global warming ought to be a problem of everyone in the society and media ought to be involved.

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That is an undeniable reality has become self evident. So is the primary cause of Global Climate Change, which has been proven to be Global Warming. Why then has a bogus argument been made for ? How can such a claim be made in the face of an overwhelming amount of scientific research, which confirms the warming trend. Before that question is answered, let’s look at just a fraction of some of the most indisputable proof of Global Warming.

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This fading of global warming from the political agenda is a mostly American phenomenon. True, public enthusiasm for legislation to tackle climate change has flagged somewhat throughout the developed world since the of 2008. Nonetheless, in many other countries, legislation to control emissions has rolled out apace. Just last Wednesday, ’s House of Representatives passed a carbon , which is expected to easily . Europe’s six-year-old carbon system continues its yearly expansion. In 2010, passed a carbon tax on . Even ’s newest five-year plan contains a limited pilot cap-and-trade system, under which polluters pay for excess pollution.

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The Globe is Warming: Burning coal, oil and gas and destroying forests overloads the atmosphere with excess carbon dioxide, adding to heat-trapping gases that already are present in the atmosphere. Combined, these gases act like a blanket covering the earth. The human contribution to this effect is unmistakable. The part of the atmosphere where excess carbon dioxide accumulates has expanded and warmed dramatically in recent years precisely during the period when emissions from human activity have increased.
Scientists from NASA and other research institutions routinely collect temperature data from around the world and have records of the Earth’s average temperature going back to the 1880s, when temperatures were first recorded. The data shows that, globally, the last decade has been the warmest ever recorded.
Over the last century, global average temperature has increased by more than 1°F (0.6°C). While the record shows significant regional differences in warming, the long-term global upward trend is unambiguous.[2]
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