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This essay is available in four versions: English; Mandarin in Hanyu Mandarin Essay Pinyin; Mandarin in simplified Chinese characters; Mandarin Essay Mandarin in traditional Chinese

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KAN YISHENG 1) xingqier tianqi hen re. 2) Wo bu shufu. 3) Wo toutong, wanshang bu neng shuijiao, 4) Xingqisan zaoshang, wo Mandarin Essay Kan Yisheng meiyou qu shangke,.

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15 Oct 2006 Nothing would make me happier than for Mandarin teachers the an exercise in Pinyin; it's an essay with important points to make about the

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As one of the Chinese languages, Mandarin uses for its writing system. Chinese characters have a history dating back more than two thousand years. The early forms of Chinese characters were pictographs (graphic representations of real objects), but characters became more stylized and came to represent ideas as well as objects.

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MANDARIN SKRIP Mandarin Essay Kan Yisheng CHARACTER: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Nurul Habibatul Ifzuan Izwan Khairuddin - Nurul Khairuddin :Wo yao qu Yaofang kan yisheng. ni hao ma?

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The capital of China switched from Nanjing to Beijing in the latter part of the Ming Dynasty and remained in Beijing during the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912). Since Mandarin is based on the Beijing dialect, it naturally became the official language of the court.

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Nonetheless, the large influx of officials from various parts of China meant that many dialects continued to be spoken at the Chinese court. It was not until 1909 that Mandarin became the national language of China, 国语 ( guó yǔ).

Isn’t it possible that Mandarin could overtake English as the global language.

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5 May 2010 I need to memorize the essay/story. Also, it has to be Mandarin Essay in Mandarin Chinese. The Mandarin Essay competition is around 1/20/10. By then i need to memorize it.

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When I read the bit about Chinese painting and character scrolls hanging in Chinese restaurant and the characters written in "grass-style" calligraphy looks like EKG readout of a dying heart patient, I just LOL.

Recently, it is becoming to dawn on me to the fact that learning a musical instrument is very similar to learning a second language.