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So in effect, these new media have helped increase the number of magazines by increasing an important resource: the number of people interested in a specific hobby or subject, and the degree to which they want that information. For example, in recent years, we have seen the launches of a variety of new cable sports networks such as ESPN2, the Golf Channel, a sports history channel, Speed Vision, a network of regional sports channels under Fox, and more. Yet 1998 alone saw the launch of more than 122 new consumer sports magazines, with the cable network ESPN launching its own print publication to compete with Sports Illustrated (Shapiro, 1999). Then in 1999, the sports magazine category led again in the number of new launches (Magazine Publishers of America, 2001a).

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The influence and affect television programs have can be subtle or possibly unintentional....

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And those approaches of propaganda can be ranging from books, newspaper, to the modern Media, television, movies whatever things that can contain and deliver information.

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Richard Nixon was both helped and hindered by TV. His televised (Checkers was his dog) successfully appealed to the public for support when financial scandals threatened to boot him from the Republican ticket. But in the 1960 televised presidential debates against John F. Kennedy, Nixon came off as sweaty and somewhat sinister.

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Because most early television was live, the producers of major networks found their talent among people already had experience with live performance: vaudeville. Television and vaudeville combined to created the form of entertainment known as the variety show. were made up of short acts — musical numbers, comedy sketches, animal tricks, etc. — usually centered around an engaging host. Former vaudevillians , , and Ed Wynn all hosted popular programs. The influence of vaudeville on television was so strong that television critics called the shows "Vaudeo."

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What people are referring to when they say “the golden age of television” is that television creators are invested in producing shows with interesting stories and characters.

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Two major developments in the 1950s that set up television as the news medium of the future were the establishment of coaxial cable linking the East and West coasts, which enabled footage to be moved electronically instead of physically, and the invention of videotape, which allowed the use of prerecorded footage (such as studio interviews).

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Understanding that the population of children was in greater numbers than in previous generations, television producers developed a host of children's programs. Shows such as and , entertained millions of American tykes.

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New technologies such as cable television, led to expansion and the creation of new networks such as CNN and Fox. The "Big Three," CBS, ABC, and NBC, were forced to reckon with these newcomers and fierce competition ensued.