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Literature is a reflection of society, and similarly, organization mirrors writing.

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Efsthatiou-Lavabre [.pdf]Interrogating the Devil: Social and Demonic Pressure in The Witch of Edmonton - David NicolStaging Passion in Ford's The Lover's Melancholy - Lisa HopkinsAlgernon Swinburne on John FordKatherine Gordon and the Art of Marriage Brokering in Perkin Warbeck - Corinne AbateJohn Ford's Artistic Exploitation of the Sources of Perkin Warbeck - I-Lu TENG [.pdf]A Scholar Recants on His 'Shakespeare' Discovery - William S.

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As these important sociological, technological, and political changes in two World Wars raced through American life, writers kept up by creating important new works of fiction and drama, all of which reflected America's cha...

I believe that this literature gave more depth to my thought regarding American society.

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Those who have had an impact on their society create something that many people will read of or look upon in different ethnicities, ages, social class, etc; However, does It always have to be an author or an writing documentation to exactly fit in the category of American Literature?; My opinion I would have to say no American Literature should be a Varity of people who made a difference in American not just by wri...

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I think literature (American or otherwise) serves as a means by which one can examine a society's values, ideas, hopes, fears, and dreams through fiction or oral literature.

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While many argue that literature is merely the mirror to society, there have been instances where it was the other way around. For example, the George Orwell novel 1984 spoke of a dystopian future governed by an authoritarian regime that created a singular narrative for society to follow.

This never-ending cycle will continue to feed into itself, shaping and reshaping society based on the self-reflecting nature of literature.

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In other words, society will influence the literature we produce which in turn will consume by itself that will ultimately change the way society behaves. And the cycle continues.

Theme, style, technique (include such aspects as alliteration, assonance, versification, rhyme, rhythm, where appropriate).

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With millions of independent authors, thinkers, philosophers and so forth having the ability to produce literature at will and publish it for the entire world to see…society will undergo rapid transformation through the ‘sharing of ideas.’

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Most of these narratives come from literature passed down through the generations of human existence. Research, being the mere reflection of our societal constructs, in turn, reshapes our perceptive filters and influences our reality.