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Because the concept of "war "doesn't fit, there is a frantic search for metaphors. First, Bush called the terrorists "cowards"—but this didn't seem to work too well for martyrs who willing sacrificed their lives for their moral and religious ideals. More recently he has spoken of "smoking them out of their holes" as if they were rodents, and Rumsfeld has spoken of "drying up the swamp they live in" as if they were snakes or lowly swamp creatures. The conceptual metaphors here are Moral Is Up; Immoral Is Down (they are lowly) and Immoral People Are Animals (that live close to the ground).

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Our selection comprises chapters 1, 2, 3, and part of 4 of Metaphors We Live By (1980).

“Metaphors We Live By” by George Lackoff and Mark Johnson

Two metaphors that can be found in our lives when we experience situations can be compared to “turning over a new leaf” that has positive effects, and “digging your heels in” that has negative and positive effects from choices people make.

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When we decide to highlight certain aspects of these metaphors and conceal the features we find less consistent, we subtly reveal what is most important in our lives (10).

A collection of essays surrounding metaphor and the integral part it plays in language and thought.

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Conceptual metaphors are not, therefore, the “creations” of poets. Poets “extend, compose and compress” conceptual metaphors within the parameters of language, and our reading of and ability to engage with poems depends on how we interpret and understand these manipulations as we read. Thus there is always a kind of playful tension between the conceptual metaphor and its linguistic expression. In reading, this tension is highlighted, as readers compare their understandings and uses of the conceptual metaphor to the linguistic expression it has been given by the poet.

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The first is simply to versify them in automatic ways; this results in a lot of lame, feeble and trite verse. The second is to deploy them masterfully, combining them, extending them, and crystallizing them in strong images.... The third stance is to attempt to step outside the ordinary ways we think metaphorically and either to offer new modes of metaphorical thought or to make the use of our conventional basic metaphors less automatic by employing them in unusual ways, or otherwise to destabilize them and thus reveal their inadequacies for making sense of reality. (51–52)

Lakoff, George, and Mark Johnson. Metaphors We Live By. Chicago: University of  Chicago Press, 1980.

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On the other hand, metaphorical concepts can be extended beyond the range of ordinary literal ways of thinkingand talking into the range of what is called figurative, poetic, colorful, or fanciful thought and language. Thus,if ideas are objects, we can dress them?n up in fancy clothes, juggle them, line them up nice and neat, etc. Sowhen we say that a concept is structured by a metaphors we mean that it is partially structured and that it canbe extended in some ways but not others.

In selecting the metaphors we live by, either consciously or unconsciously, we are choosing and creating our reality.

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The purpose of these questions is to focus your attention on each part of the metaphor sothat you consider its qualities and characteristics. They are speciallydesigned to work with personal symbols. There will be aspects to yourmetaphor that you did not consciously decide. By putting your attentionon each part of your metaphor you are likely to discover something newabout yourself or the situation. These unexpected elements are oftenthe places where a new kind of change can emerge.

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Here you will find some tips on how to use metaphors in your essays, but you could also apply these rules while working with other types of figures of speech such as allegory, simile, and so forth. These parts of speech operate as our “assistants” in gaining knowledge about what is unknown. In this way human thinking is developing. For that reason it is very important to show good skills in using figures of speech, and metaphors in particular.