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One of the themes of Number the Stars is bravery. Like the Danes in this story, people
risk everything to help fellow human beings in a time of great trouble. You are going to do your own research about one character and collaborate with a group to create a powerpoint describing the bravery and acts of each character.

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Bravery is an issue that Annemarie deals with throughout Number the Stars. She constantly tries to measure her own bravery against her parents' and Peter Neilsen's actions and bravery. Annemarie struggles with the concept of bravery. Her parents say they are willing to risk their lives for Denmark, but Annemarie is not sure that she could do the same. Annemarie justifies what she views as her own lack of bravery. Throughout the novel, Annemarie associates the war with a fairy tale-like reality. She separates what is "real-life" from the war. In doing so, Annemarie is able to keep herself outside of the war, at least for the moment. Through the rest of the novel, Annemarie grapples with the questions raised in this quotation. Where does bravery come from? Does she herself possess it? What is the reality of the war? These are all issues that Annemarie attempts to resolve for herself.

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You've been reading Number the Stars this month, but do you really understand all that's going on? We're going to use the World Wide Web to become more familiar with several characters from the book and get a better idea of what life was really like during World War II and how each had to perform an act of bravery.

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Number the Stars has many suspenseful, dark moments and the characters are often in great peril. However, it also features moments of comic relief, such as Kirsti's tantrums and the accident-prone kitten, Thor. These humorous moments show that despite their dangerous circumstances, Annemarie and Ellen are still children who hold onto a certain degree of innocence. This in turn reflects well on their parents, who have successfully sheltered them from the horrors of the war. The novel describes a very dark period of history but also shows the importance of hope and friendship in these troubled times.

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