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12 pages in length. Research has shown that classroom management is one of several elements that are critical to student learning. It is also known that use of positive classroom discipline is of extreme importance to classroom management. This comprehensive research paper examines principles, techniques, and teaching issues concerning the implementation of positive discipline. Several relevant instructional programs are explained as are the productive outcomes of the typical positive discipline approach. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources.

Essay on importance of discipline in school.

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This 22 page paper looks at the concept and materialisation of discipline in the main practices of modern Islam. The paper consider the idea and perspective of discipline, examining the it is seen in the Quran (or Koran), looking at both self discipline and also discipline of women and children by husbands and fathers, the way self discipline may be practiced, the importance of learning and the difficulties of self discipline for western Muslim women. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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A 3 page paper which addressesthe book �Classroom Discipline: A Management Guide for Christian School Teachers,�written by Ollie Gibbs and Jerry L. Haddock. This book addresses some very interestingaspects of discipline that have little to do with Christianity, but instead illustrate manydifferent, and effective, models for discipline in the classroom. While the methods do notalways appear to apply only to Christian based schools, indicating that they can beimplemented in public schools to some degree, it is obvious in many ways that the basicbackground for much of the techniques are founded on Biblical beliefs. No additionalsources cited.

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A 5 page literature review examiningdiscipline and classroom management. Discipline in the classroom always lurks as a potentialproblem even if one is not currently in evidence. Several authors indicate that discipline andclassroom management often are not stressed as much as they could be in teacher training. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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in order to achieve their educational objectives and goals. Disciplinary measures help curtail harmful attitudes and behaviors that go against a school’s core values and rules. By taking time to create a good school discipline plan for their students, schools benefit from having a safer, more productive learning environment.

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In most U.K. schools, teachers and staff have permission to discipline students who misbehave in accordance with their school discipline policy. Bad behavior can range anywhere from teasing other students to committing violent acts. It’s important students are well aware of what actions constitute “bad behavior” in their school so they will not be caught by surprise when consequences are given for these offenses. Here are some common offenses that could be categorized as unacceptable behavior in many U.K. middle and secondary schools.

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Essay on importance of discipline in school

A 7 page summary and critique of Africa and the Disciplines (1993), a compilation of essays that argue that African research is not only vital to disciplines such as economics, history and politics, but that this research helped to form the substance of these disciplines as we know them today. No additional sources cited.