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Not a migraine sufferer, but my heart goes out to you. It sounds truly awful. I know people who swear by marijuana when they feel one coming on. These are not people who generally have it on hand – – I am not trying to be an advocate – – but they assure me it offers real relief. The only problem is they are not willing to go out and buy it. We have medical “Cannabis Clubs” in California, but they’re not really family-friendly. It’s not a realistic option for many parents, who I’m sure would only use it to treat the headache. Too bad.

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The occurrence of migraine headaches, contrary to popular belief, is a disease.

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If you suffer from migraines you might be used to people comparing your migraine to a headache or trying to blame these "headaches" on you and your lifestyle....

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According to the National Headache Foundation in Chicago, 45 million Americans suffer from recurring headaches—16 to 18 million of which are migraines (1).

Migraine sufferers typically report a definite pattern to their headaches, and they can report what stimuli bring them on.

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For a couple of weeks, I was ravenously hungry, cranky, spaced out and vaguely, deprivedly resentful. But I felt, headache-wise, somewhat improved. I had six or nine migraines, but they were less severe. And, once I got used to it, I came to almost enjoy being on my diet, exploring my capacity for hunger and self-abnegation, obsessing over what foods I could eat, and how, and when. At the very least, the diet made my friends happy. Renouncing food, renouncing pills, is so often, in our time, seen as the right and righteous, pure and wholesome thing to do.

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First, Judith, I feel for you as a fellow sufferer, though no where near your level. These headaches are just debilitating. I believe that there incidence is affected by hormonal swings also (which would jive with your changed frequency at 35, probably). I am trying the “withdrawal” method and that seems to be working, for now, but who knows how long.
Daily pharma is an annoying fact for many of us–I take them as a result of chemo-induced affects on my thyroid and blood pressure. (but go figure, I had no migraines during chemo). I think most of think that some combo of better (organic, fresher, whatever??) food or rest or exercise will solve these chronic conditions. And, maybe that is right but the research $$ aren’t too generous for studying these solutions.

The type of headache I’d like to discuss, the Migraine, although intense in its pain, is not associated with a medical condition or injury....

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After years of debilitating migraines (with aura)that sent me several times a year to the emergency room, a neurologist here in Encinitas (CA) suggested Botox injections. My insurance covers the treatments and, after the first of four or five of them, I have found relief that I would not have imagined possible. The pain of the injections is minimal. The frequency of my headaches has decreased, and the pain is less severe. Sufferers with certain kinds of migraines are more likely than others to benefit — a consultation with a neurologist is well worth it. Mine, Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld, is director of the Headache Center of Southern California and a pioneer in the use of Botox to treat migraines. There are no side effects, not even, unfortunately, in my case at least, the cosmetic benefits with which Botox is associated.

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Jeff Tweedy is primarily known as the lyricist, lead singer and guitarist of Wilco, one of America’s most popular and critically successful rock bands. He is also a lifelong migraine sufferer whose headaches were for decades compounded by bouts of depression and panic disorder. In 2004, Tweedy suffered a collapse and entered a rehabilitation clinic in Chicago to treat his conditions and a resulting addiction to prescription painkillers. In Tweedy’s estimation, his new found ability to treat and manage his depression and panic has helped him to remain migraine-free for the past four years. In a conversation this month, Tweedy spoke about how migraines and mood disorders impacted his childhood, his musical career and his creative and personal life.

31/07/2013 · There are many types of migraine, all of them have the same features, and every person will suffer in a different way from this type of headache.

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I’ve had migraine headaches since the age of 8. When I was younger, they were severe, but infrequent. When I turned 35, they turned chronic. They were — at best, when the triptans were working — fatiguing. At worst, they sent me to the emergency room. A few years ago, they got much better for a while when I started taking amitriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant (formerly known as Elavil) that is now given, in low doses, as a migraine preventative.