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Last week we began a discussion of this third discourse,which begins with chapter 27 and concludes with chapter 31. In chapter 27, we discussedwith youwhat we refer to as a picturesque ceremony. This picturesque ceremony wasmade up ofsix tribes of the children of Israel, standing upon Mount Ebal utteringcurses on the children of Israel if they failed to obey. On Mount Ebal, there was the lawof Godwritten upon tables of stone. There was also an altar made out of old stones upon whichthe hand ofman had never fallen. Then on Mount Gerizim there were six other tribes who uttered theblessingswhich would be the heritage of the nation of Israel if they were obedient to the law.

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Essay on old age homes a blessing or curse

Living longer is a curse because not only are we unable to accomplish anything or experience anything enjoyably due to old age, but we also have enough time as it is.

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The parent or parents that are responsible for that child may not "feel" as though that child is a blessing from God, but how that child was conceived does not mean that God did not sovereignly superintend its formation in the womb as David speaks of.

Essay on old age homes a blessing or curse
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Old age homes a blessing or a curse

The second portion of this third discourse deals with what we refer to as propheticblessing and cursing, as it is recorded in chapter 28. As has already beensuggested, thiswill be the subject of our discussion; but anticipating ourselves a little, we go on andmention to you that the third discourse comprised as well what is commonly known as thePalestinian Covenant, which is recorded in chapters 29-30 of this particular bookofDeuteronomy. Then in chapter 31, we have a number of personal charges which Mosesdelivered to the children of Israel related to their need of obedience and followingthrough God'sblessing upon their hearts and their lives.

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If you trace the history of the nation of Israel, you will see that on occasionsuch has beenthe blessing of God upon them; and you recognize how God has caused a little nation tocause a wholeworld to tremble. As a matter of fact, God says that He is able to take Jerusalem andmake it a cupof trembling in the hands of the nations of the world because of His plans and His purposefor them.

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Antigone is the figure that drives his ultimate loss of everything he loved.
She causes his justified pride to fail and suffer great loss to grow as a person
Eteocles and Polynices shared rule after Oedipus' exile.
Polynices attacked Thebes to regain his rule, and Creon marked him a criminal for attempting to takeover his own city, leading to both their deaths
The greeks were extremely focused on family
House was run by a singular man.
The father had ultimate say in anything in the house
Women had little to no power.
Son is considered second until the father dies, leaving the "Oikos" to the son.
Mao and WW2 occurred during Winnie's teenage years.
Mao took great efforts dismantling old ideals hence old and new auntie.
Mao encouraged rebellion against unpatriotic parents.
Many young women joined to gain independence from their controlled family lives
The Task
The Fall-Creon's Loss of Family
Supernatural Intervention
The Unhealable Wound
Antigone's Correlation to the Main Theme

two brothers fight to death
two sisters argue with each other on proper burial
Hamion at first sides with father
Family is worth fighting for no matter what the consequences are
The consequences of Antigone's shows how powerful her family curse is
Her family do fully love each other; but Ismene is afraid to act for her family and Creon is so prideful as to give his daughter-in-law the noose
The Unhealable Wound
The Earth Mother
Mother-Daughter Conflict
Exploration of the clash between multicultural and mono-cultural life.
Family issues of single-parent, mother daughter friction, and abusive relationships
Eventual forgiveness and remolding of the relationship between Winnie and Pearl.