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Miami is one of the state's – and the world’s – most popular vacation spots. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, the Miami area offers multiple enticements for everyone: The trendy nightlife of South Beach, bejeweled by the eye candy of the Art Deco district. The bustle of Calle Ocho and the highly caffeinated energy of Little Havana. The plush hotels of Miami Beach and the historic hideaways of Coral Gables. Seemingly endless shopping opportunities in modern, sprawling malls and the quiet, personal attention offered by the family-owned shops of Coconut Grove and many other corners of the region. The lures of deep-sea fishing and golf and tennis. Miami's major league football, basketball, hockey and baseball. Boat shows and auto racing. Art festivals and outdoor food and wine extravaganzas. An international airport and the world’s busiest cruise port. The Miami area offers all of this – and so much more.

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However, global sea-levels have fluctuated many hundreds of metres either way of the present day sea-level and this essay proposes to examine mechanisms of sea-level change past and present and the its geomorphological impacts on the coasts.

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Bangladesh, a gift of God, is abounding of natural sceneries and historical places. Without observing it everybody misses a lot of blessing which are supernatural and man created. There are many islands, rivers, green fields, animals, many historical places, buildings, monuments and so much unbelievable things and elements which will charm all most. So if you do not visit this natural gifted country you will miss a bound of elements. The scenery of the country is far fetched The people of this country are traditional, religious, co-operative, friendly and simple. There we find an excellent relationship among the family members, races and nation. Most of the people like to travel and wander. Several times they are seen in different historical places and different beaches. The country has many natural sea beaches, among them Cox’s Bazar is worldwide familiar and popular.

I am going to look at the beaches at Huttoft and Sutton on Sea which are located on the Lincolnshirecoastline.

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Generally, the beach is the main attraction of the town. Most of the visitors command that without riding spread board, horse, playing football and collecting photos the visit will not be fulfilled. Besides, collecting snail, peace of small stone is also main attraction to someone. Shopping may be also attractable. There larger hotels provide exclusive beachside area with accessories for the hotel guests. Other than the beach there are several places of interest near the town which can easily be visited from town center. Beside the beach there are some visit able spots where you can visit if you have enough time and want to enjoy more. The places are- Ramu, Dulhazara Safari Park, Inani Beach, Himchori, Saint Martin Island, Sonadia, Moheskhali etc. are remarkable.

The white sandy beach and the lush green vegetation at the seashore mesmerizes the tourists visiting there.

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Finally, we parked our car at a shady spot under some coconut palms. The white, sandy beach was full of tiny crabs about. My sister and I could not resist catching them. The shells we picked were also interesting. Some were shaped like conical hats, others like fans and there were some spiral-shaped ones tinted with grey and brown hues. One large, grey shell with a long, narrow produced the sound of sea waves as I held it to my ear. The pieces of driftwood brought in at high tide by the waves were of artistic shapes. These we collected for flower-arrangement.

Read on the article to find the list of some of the best less known and lesser visited beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

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Costing: It’s natural that every interesting and enjoyable thing is valuable and also constable. So if you want to spend and enjoy an excellent moment in Cox’s Bazar you have to devote some money, but it will not go to vain. Again, as it is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist spots in Bangladesh, so millions of foreigners and Bangladeshi natives visit this coastal city every year. As a result, a large number of hotels, guest houses and motels have been built in the city and coastal region. Various kinds of Oyster, Snail, Pearl and their ornaments are very popular with tourists in seaside and city stores. Cox’s Bazar is also one of the few major spots for aquaculture in Bangladesh.

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is an a ecotourism company that arranges indigenous-minded tours, mostly in Central America. Recently, through Greenspot Travel, I stayed the in . This modest but beautiful , owned and operated entirely by the Guna, exists on its own island just a 10-minute boat ride from Ukupseni. The campus features 10 “over-the-water” bungalows, its own private beach and surrounding coral reefs, and terrific seafood pulled from the surrounding water. The retreat also offers a variety of half-day excursions, which include exploring deserted beaches, snorkeling, and touring mangroves, as well as visits to the Ukupseni community.