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America had a "plague" scare about AIDS in the 1980s when all this broke out which really a great deal to make people reflect on their "free-wheeling" sexual ways and social interactions and relationships.

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This essay will analyze the main three reasons why it could not be possible for a company to invest in the creation of an HIV vaccine and then give it away free of charge to people who cannot afford it.
The first reason is because there is no certainty on the demand the HIV vaccine will have.

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The development of a safe, effective and affordable HIV vaccine should be considered as a global public benefit because it will play a decisive role in stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide.

Before reading this book, I had no clue what I was in for other than the title and who would’ve guessed; the title says it all.
Due to statistics such as the one I just cited, I decided to write this review essay on HIV and the condition of AIDS.

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HIV/AIDS has no cure or preventative vaccine but there are many affective treatments that allow HIV-positive people to lead long lives and preventative measures to protect others from HIV transmission.

In my opinion, coming up with a cure or a vaccine for diseases such as HIV/AIDS is a top priority.

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Almost all the states in America promote some form of sexuality and HIV education through mandates or recommendations. According to an article entitled "Sexuality Education in American Public Schools," 47 states require or encourage teaching about human sexuality, and 48 states require or encourage instruction about HIV/AIDS. Although these statistics suggest that sexuality and AIDS education is widely available in American schools, the quality and comprehensiveness of this education can vary co...

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