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Great Britain led the way in nineteenth-century imperial colonialism.

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France imperialized those countries to take back their lost power, and take their goods.
To block the British imperialism in West Africa.
Economic reasons were secondary.

World War 1
World War I was in 1914 till 1919.
It was the first war to involve nations (28 nations).
Triple Entente (France, Russia, and Great Britain) vs.

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Germany had to pay very expensive fees to other countries as a punishment because other countries wanted to make Germany financially unable to start another war.
Germany ended up only paying a small percentage of the fees and started planning for WW2.

France (2)
France Imperialized those countries for more than 1 reason.
The Mediterranean sea for more than one reason (ex: thanks to its own coastline between Italy and Spain)
France lost a lot of wars: (Seven Year War, Napoleonic Wars, and suffered in its setback in Franco- Prussian War).

Imperialism has had both a positive and negative effects on the countries involved.

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Imperialism was administered through brute force and trade that permitted the imperial nations of the west to benefit from East Asian states and manipulate their governments without going to the trouble of implementing political and economic control.

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Schumpeter's theory provides some insights into the reasons for Japan'simperialism from 1894 to 1910, but it fails to explain how Japan suddenly becamean aggressive conqueror of foreign territories after over two centuries ofself-imposed peaceful isolation.

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Duus (1984, 147) points out that business leaders during the period ofJapan's early imperialistic expansion had much more interest in China, with a"vast population, size, and well-developed commercial economy" that"made its market larger, more penetrable, and more easily exploited thanthose of Taiwan or Korea."

Imperialism in European countries was a turning point in the world and its future.

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This “new imperialism,” as some historians have called it, was not content to have trading posts and agreements, as the old imperialism was, but wanted direct control over territories.


The makers of cotton and iron goods have been very much interested inimperialism.

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India supplied them with lots of goods.
The Industrial Revolution influenced and provided the basis for British Imperialism in the mid 18th century.

What is the point of view of this cartoonist about European imperialism?

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I feel that the response of the people classified as modernizers to imperialism was more effective than the people who clung to traditional ideas and culture....