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(Songstad 2009) Prior to the discovery of oil-based applications, the energy crisis revolved around alternatives to the leading viable fuel at the time, whale oil; often used as lamp oil....

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I have dished out a healthy share of criticism about the paths we are taking into the energy future, so perhaps it's time I offered some paths of my own. I will outline them as simply as possible, since the data and thinking behind them could fill a book.

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Jimmy Carter once stated on a televised in April 18, 1977 that "Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power." Slowly and gradually...

Finally, this essay will conduct a comparison with other renewable resources in the world, including solar power, other biofuels, and hydrogen fuel.

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Biofuels are at least somewhat carbon neutral, unlike fossil fuels. To the extent that we need an energy dense fuel then biofuels might be the best solution.

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Biofuels are a sedative for the automobile drivers and the related industries. In fact it looks attactive at first sight to harvest al little bit of biomass and to solve our fuel problems. However this scheme is not a solution but it exacerbates the problems.
1) there is not enough biomass in industrialized countries to produce enough fuel leading to a food crisis.
2) the biofuels produce even more greenhouse gases (N2O) than they avoid

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So what’s the alternative? Although biofuels are far better than fossil fuels, they shouldn’t be produced by starving people and destroying the already-depleting forests. Better alternatives like wind energy, solar energy, energy produced by tidal waves and nuclear energy can completely revolutionize the energy scenario in the world. All we need is the political will, and the will to put humanity above economy.

Introduction: With the world’s source of fossil fuels depleting, we need to find an alternative energy source....

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Over the years, the world population is increasing and as a result, more wealth is being created. However, this also leads to the increase of energy demand. This has been the global trend for the past two hundred and fifty year (Berinstein, 2010 p.207). According to economists, this trend is likely to continue for the next twenty years. The current world’s population is approximately seven billion and by 2030, it is expected to go beyond eight billion (Miller, 2011 p.97). The increase in population has resulted to significant growth in the world’s economy. In the past twenty years, the global economy has doubled in size. This is also what is expected in the next twenty years. One of the greatest contributing factors of this growth is energy. It has enabled the number of people living on less than a dollar to reduce by half since year 2000. The number was initially two billion and it reduced to one billion (Chasek & Downie, 2009 p.11).

There is only so much oil in the world though and when that is gone we need to look for alternative sources of energy.

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Farmers in developed countries who receive subsidies from the government reap benefits from this policy because the more corn, or sugarcane, that is produced for ethanol, the larger the profit is for the farmers....

Our challenge then is to make that 2% fraction grow to replace about 86% of the world's current primary energy, in 90 years or less.

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The first call for a domestic source of renewable energy was apparent in response to the Arab oil embargos during the 1970s when significant escalations in oil prices continued well into the early twenty-first century.