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If computer users in the , for example, wish toprotect their freedom of speech on the internet, whose laws apply? Nearly twohundred countries are already interconnected by the internet, so the UnitedStates Constitution (with its First Amendment protection for freedom of speech)is just a "local law" on the internet -- it does not apply to therest of the world. How can issues like freedom of speech, control of"pornography", protection of intellectual property, invasions ofprivacy, and many others to be governed by law when so many countries areinvolved? If a citizen in a European country, for example, has internetdealings with someone in a far-away land, and the government of that landconsiders those dealings to be illegal, can the European be tried by the courtsin the far-away country?

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We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computer technology which is causing a negative impact on the human society because of the following reasons, lack of social confidence, privacy threat and health problems....

The Internet is a medium for freely sharing information and opinions.

After the introduction of computers as a business, and later personal, tool, and the large-scale assimilation of such for both purposes, the computer proceeded to shape our society by its own “needs”.

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In addition to alerting physicians to abnormal and changing clinical values, computers can generate reminders for physicians. For complex issues, computer workstations can integrate and use patient records, knowledge databases, and research plans. Investigators have shown that Physicians reminded electronically were twice as likely to give vital shots and vaccinations like the flu vaccine to patients at a high risk during the winter in a 3-year trial by Indiana University investigators. Due to vaccination of high-risk patients, winter hospitalization, ER visits, and tests for repiratory aliments were reduced by 15 to 30 percent. Also, at Beth Isreal hospital in Boston, computer alert notifications assisted physicians in the prevention of serious kidney diseases. When creatinine levels rose in patients, the computers sent an alert message to physicians, which allowed them to act quickly in the treatment of patients. Nonetheless, computers provide physicans and healthcare providers worldwide an easier method in which they can treat and care for patients.

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When a healthcare provider orders a test by computer, it can automatically display information that promotes cost-effective treatment and testing. At Wishard Memorial Hospital in Indianapolis, total costs decreased $594 per admission when physicians used computers to write all inpatient orders. The workstations were linked to a comprehensive electronic medical record system. Total charges per admission were several hundred dollars less when workstations were used to write all inpatient orders at the hospital. This could result in millions of dollars being saved nationwide. Additionally, physicians ordered 14 percent fewer tests per outpatient visit when using computer workstations at the large primary care facility in Indianapolis.

The personal computer technology has grown greatly improving the personal computer industry.

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A practical solution to malicious computer code distributed by e-mailwould be for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to use current anti-virussoftware to scan all e-mail, both e-mails sent by their customersand e-mails received by their customers.

In conclusion, one has to believe that computers and the internet have benefited education.

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In this era of computer "viruses" andinternational spying by "hackers" who are thousands of miles away, itis clear that computer security is a topic of concern in the field of ComputerEthics. The problem is not so much the physical security of the hardware(protecting it from theft, fire, flood, etc.), but rather "logicalsecurity", which , and [, etal, 1989] divide into five aspects:

My roommate turns on her computer and it says the same thing, as with most people on my floor.

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As our society grows towards being a culture connected through the Internet, and as prices of these machines gradually decrease, more and more have been purchased by families for their homes and as a result, children are beginning to learn to use the computer at an earlier age.