In criminal law, police generally must first obtain a search warrantin a proceeding showing a "neutral and detached" magistrate thatthere is "probable cause", before searching or seizing items from aperson's house.

This is a very low standard, compared to criminal law.

The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast criminaland civil law.


As Michel Jones puts it
more simply: “the law of tort is primarily concerned with providing a
remedy to person who has been harmed by the conduct of others” (Chris
turner/tort law, chapter 1; 2003)

It is important to realize that civil law is very different from
criminal law.

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In a civil case under tort law, there is a possibility of punitivedamages, the defendant's conduct is egregious and had (1) a malicious intent (i.e., desire to cause harm),(2) gross negligence (i.e., conscious indifference), (3) a willful disregard for the rights of others.

In the first civilizations they did not differentiate between civil and criminal law.

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StrictLiability in Criminal Law- It is the reason for this paper to talk about whether the usage ofstrict obligation inside criminal law framework is a fundamentalmeans for fighting wrongdoing, and if there is any avocation for itsutilization. Strict obligation is the setting of risk upon thedefendant(s), paying little mind to regardless of whether men's reais available.

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Another situation in which one can have two trials for the same event is a prosecution under state law (e.g., for assault and battery) in a state court, then a second prosecution in a federal court under federal statute (e.g., civil rights violation).

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For centuries many have seen the principle of criminal law and of the government and the legal system collectively, as essential for the “smooth implementation of society and the conservation of order” (Duff, 2008).

Criminal law is a part of public law, while civil law is the separate category of private law.


TheBurden of Proof in English Criminal Law- In Criminal cases, the general guideline is that with regards todemonstrating the blame of a denounced individual, the weight ofdemonstrating this rests with the arraignment . On account ofWoolmington v DPP , it was expressed in the judgment of Lord Sankeythat; "All through the web of the English Criminal law onebrilliant string is dependably to be seen, that is the obligation ofthe arraignment to demonstrate the detainee's blame subject to… ..the safeguard of craziness and subject likewise to any statutoryspecial case".

We should draw attention to Hobbes’ reasoning about natural law and civil or positive law.

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In the past in this country, Thoreau wrote an essay on Civil disobedience saying that people make the law and have a right to disobey unjust laws, to try and get those laws changed.

Criminal law involves punishing and rehabilitating offenders, and protecting the public.

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It would follow that civil responsibility, and not necessarily obedience to the law, is the basis for democracy.” What this is saying is that to be a responsible member of a democratic society one has to be willing to break the laws that are unjust....