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In the fight against corruption, black money, fake notes and terrorism we all have to contribute honestly, no matter how much problems we face but remember we are giving a corruption free county to our future generation which can be the best gift from our side.

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I want an essay on Corruption grows with fame and wealth. ☺plzzzzzz.

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Above paragraph teach me to learn what is corruption and how corruption is a social evils. And I’m going to study this paragraph for essay competition. Let I also win this competition. Thankyou.

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Corruption and black money are like termites, making our India hollow from inside silently and the day was not very far when not only us our future generations also have to pay for it. Today we are talking about bullet trains, free Wi-Fi, modern means of communications, latest gadgets, and high technology but though we succeed to provide the basic living facilities to every level of the society, for me we are not and the root cause to all these problems are corrupt officers, politician and black marketers who are busy in satisfying their hunger of money and power instead to pay attention towards these social evils. do we ever thought what is the root cause behind corruption if we blame lower income levels and high expenditure than why scandal lists are full with the name of high level politician, businessman and officers, the reality is much more harsh than the myths. The evil of corruption has spread its hand in all the sections of society ignoring the poor and cornered benefits. Some people have misused their office for personal gain. On the other hand, honest people have fought against this evil.

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Though a corruption and black money free India seems to be a dream but with the collective efforts of government and common people thus dream can be achieved. To break the grip of corruption and black money we have to pay our taxes on time, say big NO to bribe or use contact to get your work on time, do not indulge in illegal activities like breaking traffic rules or tax evasion, keep your documents update so that you do not need to request or bribe the officials in any circumstances. On the other hand government is making strong laws and implemented them even more strongly to punish the corrupt officials, leaders and black marketers. By stringent Income Tax Laws, Monitoring Real Estate Transactions, simplified rules and procedure we can eradicate the corruption and black money from India.

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We often heard about black money, do we know what is black money and from where it comes. Black money refers to money that is not fully or legitimately the property of the owner that can be earned by indulging in illegal activities such as crime, drug trade, terrorism and corruption and accumulated by tax evasion means not paying actual taxes. Many of us always struggle to find the tax saving methods though the high taxes and less income can be the reason but tax evasion is not the solution. Not only common man but big corporate and industrial houses are also involved in tax evasion which leads to accumulation of billions of black money. Black money is harming our national economy very badly and also increased the rich poor divide. The inflationary pressure also threatens our economy and gives birth to black money. Unless some strict measures are taken to counter inflation the problem of black money cannot be solved. Black money, however, should be dealt with strict application of penal provisions and devaluation of our currency. Demonetization and Digitization are two major steps taken by Indian government to eradicate the problem of corruption and black from Indian economy.