The same can be said about the American education system.

University admissions officers like to see applications from high school students who have participated in extracurricular activities, such as scholastic clubs, athletic teams, student government, and philanthropic clubs. Voluntary participation in these kinds of activities is an indication that students have learned valuable life lessons, such as teamwork, leadership, or civic responsibility.

Before 1889, the city of Chicago had only five high schools.

The organization of the Hungarian educational system differs from the American....

The American Educational System

Christopher H. Tienken is an assistant professor at Seton Hall University, Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy. His research interests include curriculum and assessment policy. He is the editor of the Kappa Delta Pi Record and the AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice.

What is the purpose of American public education.

Many worry about America’s ability to compete with foreign countries while others address the growing dichotomy between the quality of education in different economic areas....

Without freedom of speech the whole idea of higher education would just be a contradiction.

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Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, and author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education, elaborates in her book about the No Child Left Behind program and its effect on the schools and...

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Producing and creating new inventions are the results of very productive, smart individuals, who had a great education throughout their school careers.

Higher education in the United States is an optional final stage ..

If the education system fails, than we will become no better than our ancestors in that we will have no education and therefore be back to the starting block positions of beast of burden....

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in the American education system

Richard Rothstein is a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, and senior fellow at the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at the University of California (Berkeley) Law School. His books include Class and Schools and Grading Education.

Much like technology, education has benefits elsewhere in the equation of remaining competitive....

"The Importance of Higher Education." ..

As seniors question which school is the best and strive to meet the admissions standards that seem to continually increase, it is important to question whether or not the quality of education is better at colleges wit...

An education is the one thing my parents made sure that my brother and I had.

on the evolution of higher education in America.

In order to come to terms with the impact of Western culture on American art education, it is important to chronicle the progression of art education throughout Europe.