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I strongly believe in the adage “There is no substitute for hardwork” which has been and will be my precept in all the aspects of life including academic and professional career.

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Importance Of Hardwork In Student Life Essay

Along with the lack of hardwork, selfishness has become a key problem. Most people focus on what the benefits are for them rather than for a team or crew they are working with to accomplish something. A good work ethic can make your life so much better. It’s ironic how people seem to be happiest when they’re not working, yet if they work hard, life seems to be so much better for them. Granted, everybody needs a little bit of good luck to accomplish their dreams and desires, but nobody should use the lack of good luck or excess of bad luck as an excuse to their unsuccessful lives because I believe hard work out weighs the bad luck in the end. A person who works hard is one who, when faced with bad luck, is able to fight through it and continue their road to their dreams, but yet when given good luck continues to work at what they’re wanting to achieve and not slack. A good work ethic is a crucial factor in living the life you desire to have.

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