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The internet is an amazing collection of information, but there is some knowledge that most people want to keep private. To protect yourself and your family against internet predators wishing to obtain your personal information, it is wise to understand the various ways in which your privacy can be breached.

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Some disadvantages of privacy and the Internet include invasion of privacy, ..

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“Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping Tom to install your windows blinds.” John Perry Barlow quotes (Mason 11). Invasion of privacy can be explained as intrusion of a person’s private life by another individual without any cause or definite reason. Over the years, technology has grown, and the human race has been highly dependent on technology. The situation has reached a critical point whereby, when anything threatens the comfort, which people seek in technology. They tend to take drastic and extra measures to prohibit prolonged interruptions. Despite the usefulness of technology, individuals, institutions and governments have taken advantage of technology to commit privacy invading crimes, which some of the crimes cause health complications on the human race. Micro chipping human beings is unconstitutional, causes medical complications, and violates an individual’s privacy.

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About 68% of internet users' in America believe that the current laws that are in place are not good enough in protecting people's online privacy, according to a report on Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online....

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Invasion of internet privacy ‘involves the un-authorized collection, disclosure, or other use of personal information.’ ..

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