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In this essay’s , I reviewed my journey and touched on Dennis Lee’s, who was my partner during my days of pursuing FE, and that chapter also mentioned amazing explorations. This chapter will dig a little deeper into our experiences. Our odysseys into alternative and free energy all began at about the same time: in 1973-1974, during the , which ended the . Mine started when my first professional mentor invented what was hailed as the , which he invented in about 1968 and began to patent just before the crisis, and it . During that furor, I , spent absorbing its art and culture, and began . Dennis is 12 years older than I am, and as I dreamed of changing the energy industry, he had his in the energy crisis's mayhem. Brian began his alternative energy pursuit around the same time, as he engaged in activism and .

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This event inaugurates the era of organized suppression of free energy technologies.

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A variety of carefulexperimental work with animals shows impressive abilities forintegrated what-where-when memory — the ability to recalldetails of an event together with its location and time. This work waspioneered by Clayton and colleagues with scrub jays, focusing on theircaching behavior — wherein the birds bury food and later recoverit (Clayton et al. 2003). For example, if scrub jays are preventedfrom recovering their caches for long enough, they will recover onlynonperishable items (peanuts, in the study), ignoring their caches ofotherwise preferred but perishable food (mealworms, in the study)(Clayton et al. 2003). Recent work has also documented what isreferred to as ‘episodic-like memory’ in rats (Crystal2009), and the apparent ability to plan for the future (including innovel ways that are not plausible ruled out as ‘mereinstinct’) in several animals, including nonhuman primates,birds, rats and other mammals (Feeney et al. 2011 for an example ofrecent experimental work; see Roberts 2012 for a review anddiscussion).

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Systematic study of self-consciousness and theory of mind in nonhumananimals has roots in an approach to the study of self-consciousnesspioneered by Gallup (1970). Gallup's rationale for linkingmirror-self recognition to self-awareness has already been discussedabove. The idea for the experiment came from observations well-knownto comparative psychologists that chimpanzees would, after a period ofadjustment, use mirrors to inspect their own images. Gallup usedthese observations to develop a widely-replicated protocol thatappears to allow a scientific determination of whether it is merelythe mirror image per se that is the object of interest to theanimal inspecting it, or whether it is the image qua proxy for theanimal itself that is the object of interest. Taking chimpanzees whohad extensive prior familiarity with mirrors, Gallup anesthetized hissubjects and marked their foreheads with a distinctive dye, or, in acontrol group, anesthetized them only. Upon waking, marked animals whowere allowed to see themselves in a mirror touched their own foreheadsin the region of the mark significantly more frequently than controlswho were either unmarked or not allowed to look into a mirror.

The topic of consciousness in nonhuman animals has been primarilyof epistemological interest to philosophers of mind. Two centralquestions are:
The story conventionally ends happily with the two characters professing their love for each other and building a life together.

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in the late Carboniferous. Arthropods became dominant predators once again, although cephalopods patrolled the reefs as apex predators. at that time, although the succeeding Devonian Period has been called the Golden Age of Brachiopods. As oxygen levels rose, trilobites lost segments and, hence, gill surface area, which may have been an ultimately extinctive gamble. When the Devonian extinction happened during anoxic events, trilobites steeply declined and thereafter only eked out an existence until the Permian extinction finally eliminated them from the fossil record. Fish began in the Silurian, which was a great evolutionary leap and arguably the most important innovation in vertebrate history. Jaws, tentacles, claws… features were advantageous, as animals could more effectively manipulate their environments and acquire energy. On land the colonization began, as mossy “forests” abounded, and made their appearance, although they were generally less than a hand-width tall when the Silurian ended, and nothing reached even waist-high.

There are many reasons for philosophical interest in nonhumananimal (hereafter “animal”) consciousness:

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Carruthers (1989) acknowledges that intuitive attributions ofconsciousness to animals are widespread, and go hand in hand withsympathetic attitudes toward animals (e.g. wanting to preventsuffering). However, he argues that these attitudes are incorrect, andwe have a moral imperative to purge or at least override them:

Those incidents are two of many that demonstrate that the free energy suppression issue is very real, but were witnessed by people close to me.

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I do not make it a , but I am aware that there are literally thousands, probably tens of thousands, of cases of technology suppression, largely performed by the GCs’ agents, and I have not only , but I have heard of many others, either firsthand or secondhand. Most involve alternative and free energy, but they also include exotic materials, antigravity technology, and technologies that would make almost all of humanity’s major industries immediately obsolete. Much of what has been suppressed would appear magical to the masses. The GCs and other private interests often use governments and other public organizations to their ends. That happened each time that our companies were wiped out. Public officials wielded the public ax, always acting in concert with the , but they always .