Essay On My Favourite Movie Titanic - …

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Essay on my favourite movie titanic - …

Essay On My Favorite Movie Titanic

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It had a troubled production – both Gable and Colbert found the script tasteless – but when the movie picked up all five major Academy Awards, their criticism understandably abated. It’s been endlessly remade (twice in Bollywood alone) and can count both Stalin and Hitler among its celebrity fans. But ‘It Happened One Night’ remains the genius genesis moment for the romcom – and Hollywood has never looked back. TH

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Vive la difference!
Amour fou: the French invented the term and this shows you why. In her very first movie, the 21-year-old Béatrice Dalle delivered a career-defining performance which transcends mere pouting petulance to embody a wide-eyed, crockery-smashing, blade-wielding, bush-flashing rage to live. Struggling writer Anglade does his best to provide the unconditional affection she craves, but will anything be enough to quieten Betty’s inner torment?

My favorite movie is Titanic.
Awesome list! I created my own list, much with the same movies, but some forgotten ones and better filters.

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Directors: Stanley Donen, Gene KellyCast: Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Jean HagenBest quote: 'Here's one thing I learned from the movies!'Defining moment: When Kathy (Reynolds) jumps out of a cake in front of Don (Kelly) at a party.Stormy weather
The story of the transition from silent movies to the 'talkies' has created a sub-genre all of its own, including movies from 'Sunset Blvd' (1950) to 'The Artist' (2011). Here, it's a light-hearted affair set in the late 1920s as silent star Don Lockwood (Kelly) bumps into Kathy Selden (Reynolds), a chorus girl, when he leaps into her car and she pretends to be a serious actress.It's a classic case of chilly antagonism thawing into true love as Don and Kathy finally fall for each other and become colleagues when his studio wants to make a talking picture and she has to step in to replace the unappealing voice of movie star Lina Lamont (Hagen). But more famous than any romance, surely, is the opening-credits song-and-dance sequence of Kelly and co performing the title tune? DC


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The disc really kicks into high gear on the emotion scale with the next few cuts. "Blues For Dr. Donna," a tribute to his wife, is one of those beautiful, slow aching blues pieces - the melody is simple but elegant and leaves a lot of room for some of Earl's most introspective playing on the album. The effect is haunting and long-lasting, and while I'd be hard pressed to name a true favorite on this release, this would probably come closest. He follows this masterwork with two well-chosen covers - well chosen both for their status as classics and for showing the diversity he's capable of. Kenny Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne" is given a brilliant treatment here. The precision work between Earl and Limina gives us a serious dose of subtle, slinky funk, the sort of piece where you hope the pretty blonde will get out on the dance floor and shake her shoulders. This is followed with perhaps the album's most surprising selection, the classic "Christo Redentor." That's almost a risky pick to me - Charlie Musselwhite's version is so ingrained into my and many psyches - but Earl handles the task admirably, and while his rendition won't drive Musselwhite's classic from my mind, it is certainly a worthy and solid interpretation.

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"Spann's Groove" is a nice nod to Otis Spann, a slow boogie with fantastic piano work (rolling hand and all). "Skyman" and "Tommy's Midnight Blues" deliver more slower melodic blues; the former also incorporates a nice jazzy feel with sort of a quiet tropical sundown attitude. "Eleventh Step To Heaven" is my other contender for personal favorite honors on this album. The piece features some beautifully sweet and low-key bass work (provided by guest Paul Kochansk) that provides a perfect foundation for this simple-yet-complex slow blues. Earl again does a fine job of conveying his own introspective spirituality here; it's yet another seemingly instant classic.