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We have seen that light limbs are a precondition for fast, efficient locomotion and that one way in which the ostrich achieves this is by concentrating the leg muscle mass close to the hip joint. A further strategy for reducing lower-leg mass involves specialised toe morphology and positioning. This can also be observed in other cursorial animals; modern horses, for example, have evolved from five-toed ancestors to gallop on the toenail of their middle toe – the hoof. The ostrich has undergone a similar evolution: whereas most birds have four toes and the majority of large flightless birds possess only three, the ostrich is unique among birds in walking on only two toes (). Furthermore, it is the only bird to walk on the tips of its toes.

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The article would be an interesting and useful means to address topics in biology (biomechanics – bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments; evolution – homology and analogy) and physics (efficiency, forces, speed, springs and motion) at both upper- and lower-secondary school. For example, it could be used to address the biomechanics of walking and running in different species, the evolution of bipedal locomotion in birds and humans, and the functional aspects of lower limb prostheses (for instance those used by the sprint runner Oscar Pistorius). It could also provide valuable background reading before a visit to a natural history museum or zoo, or to a robotics lab.

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Ostrich facts reveal that they usually subsist in herds that typically contain 10-12 birds. This enables them to form a community that can easily survive any threat from the predators. Each herd has a single big nest where all the community members lay eggs. This allows the entire community to prevent the eggs against any external attack.

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An article An unexpectedly long history of sexual selection in birds-of-paradise discusses the species phylogeny examining the various species of the family and how over time they have evolved separately (Martin Irestedt, Knud A Jonsson, Jon Fjeldsa, Les Christidis, and Per GP Erison, 2009)....

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