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Or is this really another example of god’s legendary failure to communicate clearly and unambiguously with his prophets and their followers? Perhaps it’s just easier for you to say that those who disagree with you don’t really understand …

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This is an unfortunate example how little Lori, and those praising this essay understand

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One of the most beautiful examples for a Muslim chaplaincy is how the
Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) dealt with difficult
situations, even before he was crowned with Prophethood.

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RT: We believe in the sealing of people for the afterlife. Of course the question that arises is in the world generally is what do you do if you live through life with more than one person? What do you do if your spouse dies and you remarry? What happens in heaven? And the answer that section 132 gives is that you’ll be together. Do we know a lot about how that works? We really don’t.

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I was upset when Gordon B. Hinckley said of polygamy in a worldwide interview “I condemn it, yes, as a practice, because I think it is not doctrinal.” He said this in trying to distance the LDS church from the FLDS. What a blatant, bold-faced lie! The FLDS church mirrors the church that Joseph started. We have the same roots; the same doctrine on polygamy. And the LDS church still teaches polygamy (essay!) and practices it (in sealings at the very least).

Great article. Thanks for putting it all in one place. I’d like a library of everything that’s been written on this essay.

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It’s really funny to hear a believing member ask why use the church’s information, source , and narrative. I have looked at other sources. The humor comes in that so many defend the church against the use of its own narrative and sources. Of I can’t trust the church to give proper information…and information that has not been twisted with a faithful narrative….then with what information can I trust them? The answer is that we can’t trust them wit any information.

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And a great example of the lengths true believers will go to assassinate character in the quest to prove their own starting point correct. How much they will do their own twisting, but pass it off as God given truth. Very few seem willing to listen, but many seem willing to present their own moral superiority and greater intellectual understanding. When has the term virgin ever been used throughout the LDS church to not mean sexual purity? It is true, it often includes the things that you mention, but central to that is also sexual innocence and purity.

to form a final opinion about not only his claims to prophethood but those of all other ..

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Respectfully, you are right. I don’t believe that the LDS version and implementation of polygamy was ever because of, about, and for women… because no women or their input was allowed in on bringing it forward. But also because of how much it inherently harmed women, and treated them as less than men. As properties, or commodities rather than souls worthy of respect. It seems far more likely that it was all a sexual power struggle rather than a vessel to bring forth eternal blessings.