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As the Muslims began to grow in number they became faced with many different problems. So often in response to specific situations that arose Qur’anic ayahs were revealed to the new Muslim community. The Holy Prophet (saw) brought a revolutionary message to the pagan Arabs. The aim of Islam was to change the entire society and culture of that time. The Arabs had been worshipping idols for hundreds of years and Makkah had become the focal point of all worshippers throughout the Arab peninsula. An annual pilgrimage took place where hundreds of Arabs would gather together and celebrate their idols and pagan traditions. These ancient religious traditions which engulfed every aspect of Arab life now had to be challenged and redressed by a new moral, social, political and religious order.

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I will uploaded the full debate in English and Urud, 14 August Essay in English available at this webpage for all school and colleges conducted the events of 14 اگست 1947 and celebrating this occasion with full happiness and feel this independence day with full joys.

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Memorize Quran is available in six languages - English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Turkish. Note: The Quranic text is currently only available in Arabic, transliterations will be added soon.

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Forty Hadith on the Importance of Knowledge, Learning, and on the Importance of Knowledge, Learning, and Teaching (Assad Nimer in the Quran (Harun Yahya).
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The Quran is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Tafseer-ul-Quran Urdu (read online) or (download pdf) by The Promised .
The Importance of knowledge. We totally neglect the spiritual side where many of the answers lie. Humans are encouraged to study the guidance in the Quran.

but the main thing is to spend our lives as mentioned in the book and the book is Quran Pak.

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As well as being read and recited, the Qur’an acts as a practical guide in all affairs of Muslims, be they social, cultural, legal, economic or political. Unlike its biblical counterpart, the Qur’an does not merely contain stories of Prophets or an analogue of Islamic history. Rather it contains an array of topics to be of use in ones daily life. Codes of behavior and their limits are explained, mutual rights and responsibilities of men, women, children are laid down as well as international principles to be used to govern communities, countries and nations. The Qur’an acts as a practical guide of life to Muslims in the personal and official spheres of life. To make it more accessible to different nations and peoples of various countries, it has been translated in almost every language of the world.

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The message of Islam intended to change the prevailing system, giving rights to the poor, needy, orphans and women. It preached morals and virtuous acts putting constraints on evil and vice. A new political system was advocated based on meritocracy rather than patriarchy. So the divine message of Allah (swt) was revealed slowly to allow the new Muslim Arabs to change and accept the new faith. The very first verses revealed were intended to strengthen the faith of the new Muslims. Having worshipped idols all their life it was important to lay the foundations of the unity of God and spread the message of His oneness. Once the belief of the Muslims had become strong and they were able to practice Islam more freely in Madinah, the majority of the laws and legislation were revealed. It was upon these new principles that the Islamic State of Madinah was created.