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She needed him to be there to support her as a brother, and help her get through life.

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Psychologists have always stressed the formative influence of parents, but have been studied less. That never squared with me: I’m the youngest of three, the only girl, and I’m sure that I am who I am as much because of my big brothers as because of my folks. My brothers were the ones who taught me my first words. They introduced me to Tom Sawyer, “Peanuts,” Mad magazine, the Who. They walked me to my first day of kindergarten. My parents may have explained the birds and the bees to me, but it was my brothers who let me know that it was O.K. to pollinate before marriage. One drove me to my first formal dance; I went to the same college as the other. After graduation, both ran interference with my dubious parents when I announced that rather than going to law school, I planned to leave Minneapolis for New York and become a writer.

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We so often hear stories — or — about the bonds between sisters or those among brothers. But rarely does anyone talk about the relationship between opposite-sex siblings. I remember that watching the film felt like a revelation (though my brothers, I should hasten to say, are nothing like the Mark Ruffalo character).

Tom and Laura will always have a strong connection as a brother and sister.
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with Kluger where he explains his findings and what they mean for you, your idiot brother, and/or your too-perfect sister.

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I just took a break, and asked her whether she’d ever wanted a sister or brother. She shook her head. “Not really,” she said. “I have a dog.”

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"There is ruggedness, a winking lack of complete seriousness or grimness, to a girl who grew up with brothers. There's a greater degree of sensitivity and listening skills in boys who grew up with sisters. Studies show that when you pair people up in 5- to 15-minute conversations, as if it were a speed date, the males who grew up with sisters tend to do better than the ones who grew up with brothers or as only children. Similarly, the females with brothers tend to do better with boys. This is because you learn a little bit about how to turn the tumblers of the opposite sex."

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*The conjunction "so" is sometimes a coordinating conjunction — "The sun is high in the sky right now, so put on some sunscreen." — but it often serves as a subordinating conjunction: "Pedrito kept looking in the rearview mirror so he could see his brother driving the truck behind him."