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Special education is the term used to “describe specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of a child who has a disability,” (Hancock)....

Many of these changes have occurred in the special education area.

Below is an outline for Education of Special Needs Students Research Paper:

The Improper Use of Special Education

These students in special education are protected under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) which is legislation that presides over the special education process for students until they reach the legal age of twenty-one.

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VI. Pro's & Con's of each establishments educating the Special Needs population.

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This paper describes the issues in the assessment process with minority students and how we have arrived at a situation where minorities are being misdiagnosed into special education programs.

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It allows individuals to determine who are interested in the program, who qualifies, who does not qualify, how to get into the program, and what the special education is about....

The mainstreaming of special education students is the main reason behind these disruptions....

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One way to ensure that programs meet individual needs is through the development of an individualized education program (IEP) for each student with a disability. IEPs are required for students participating in the special education programs of recipients offunding under the IDEA.

This paper will discuss the history of special education during the twentieth century.

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The ability to assess and evaluate the special education students will be a very difficult thing to do, as each of these students has unique circumstances into how the student will be evaluated.

- Educational law research papers discuss topics and ideas for educational law research papers.

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Additionally, several legal cases are mentioned which show numerous actions and rulings that have tried to correct the disproportionate identification in special education.