Stephen King would often write under the pen name of Richard Bachman.

This is awesome – I have always loved reading Ste[ph]en King – what a treat to get tips, etc on how to write. My fav: not having writer’s block.

- Stephen King is today’s most successful writer.

Stephen King is quoted as calling himself the ‘literary equivalent of big mac and fries’...

And Stephen King is a man who has mastered writing.

I agree with just about every thing you said, here. I don’t like horror, either. Not even a little, so that this book on writing is the only Stephen King I’ve ever read … and that it was entirely worth it.

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After reading this book, I’ve already decided to read more of Stephen King’s work, though I will probably stay away from the hardcore horror. However, first I have a big pile of books to get through, so maybe in a year or two…heheee. By the way, I received my copy of Grammar Girl’s book last week (on your recommendation), and I’m greatly looking forward to reading it and then reviewing it here. Also, I’m loving the Larabars!

- It is a given that most of Stephen Kings novels will turn into movies.

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Stephen King then moves into the mechanics of writing, offering advice and insight into a successful career that has worked so well for him but remains distant for thousands of others.

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- When Stephen King was three years old his father went out for cigarettes and
never came back.

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Danny sees alarming visions of the hotel's past using a psychic ability known as "The Shining." As time goes on, Jack Torrance slips into a horrifying insanity and the only thing that can save his family is "The Shining." Stephen King is known for putting his past hardships, as well as successes, into this...

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While I’m not crazy about horror stories, I do appreciate the creativity and artistic merit that goes into writing good horror fiction. Maybe the fact that I’m bonkers over sci-fi and fantasy will redeem me. Maybe Stephen King will forgive me.

Someday I hope to write Stephen King a letter explaining this all to him.

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I have great respect for Stephen King. I may not love horror stories, but I do love and excellent storytelling. With all his experience, success, talent, and craftsmanship, I can’t think of a better mentor for writers than Stephen King.

The use of Suspense as a literary element is constant in books written by Stephen King.

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King concludes the essay by telling the reader that reading familiarizes the writer with what good writing sounds like, so that one can write without self-consciousness and notice what makes a work live.

Ex 2) "I had read other books by Mr.

In this short story, Stephen King puts the reader on the table with that man.

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Stephen King who is mainly known for his novels, has broadened his horizons to different types of writings such as movie scripts, nonfiction, autobiographies, children's books, and short stories....