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The cardiologist explained to my family and I that it was a miracle that my dad was still alive at the age of 50 with this defect. Most children in third world countries don’t tend to make it into adulthood with this defect. In the doctor’s opinion, my dad must have been a stubborn and mentally strong man to make it through all these years without major health issues. I prayed that my dad’s stubbornness would prove to be true once again and that he would fight through this.

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Some would argue that Antigone is indeed the main tragic character, as her fate is unarguably tragic. She at first, celebrates a victory when she is caught by the sentry and put to trial before Creon. However, there is no moment of ‘Oh, it’s going to be alright now’ as there is in Oedipus Rex when Oedipus finds that Polybus is dead of natural causes and thinks that half the prophecy about him marrying his mother and murdering his father is unfulfilled. Aristotle used Oedipus Rex as the example of a perfect representation of a tragic play in the Poetics, However, Antigone, although she does experience a tragic end due to her own actions and harmatia, or flaw, she does not experience that lifting up. Indeed, it is obvious from the beginning that she is heading towards death.

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Creon on the other hand, is seen as a very strong and fair minded leader at first. His fatal flaw is his stubbornness and reluctance to see anyone else’s view. He begins, like Oedipus, as a character that is easily admired and portrayed as an open, caring king “I have always held the view that a king whose lips are sealed by fear, unwilling to seek advice, is damned. And no less damned is he who puts a friend above his country”. These patriotic words would have appealed to the Ancient Greek audience, who were proud of their democracy and way of life. However, there is typical Sophoclean irony in that these words are also a foreshadowing of his tragedy – he puts the State too far before his family, and as a result, he loses his wife and son.

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The hospital became a second home for my family and I. We rotated shifts to stay with my dad. Each day passed by slowly, but each day my dad’s vitals were improving. My dad ended up spending over a month in the intensive care unit, but my family and I could not be more grateful that he was alive. My dad’s stubbornness had prevailed.

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I have never met a man more strong-willed than my father. He came to America with not even one cent to his name and built his way up to being an electrical engineer, a devoted husband, and a loving father. My dad simply never gave up and I now that I am older, I see that he pushed me to do the same as a child. I am forever grateful to have some of his stubbornness in me.