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You use examples as you wish. It’s an easy way to support your ideas but not the only way. You make the decision of what suits you and what is best for your essay.

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Reciving a good education can guarantees you a good job. Collage can give you skills that you need in your major to help you to win your dream job . For example, my older brother majed , did not enter any university because he wants to have a job so he can start his own business , all the companies denied him they need a capable man who can manage the work and have a bacalories degree. This is one of two reasons why I think that having a good college degree guarantees people a better job.

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In America, where the self is so neatly weddedto the social, their dream of the perfect novel is called "The GreatAmerican Novel" and requires the revelation of the soul of a nation, notjust of a man ...

And there are a million other little examples ...

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I am still waiting for a response from your side.
In the meanwhile, I’ a bit confused after watching several tips or strategies using in task2. The thing is Could you please tell me the Essay structure will be same for all types : Like agree/disagree, Problem and solution, advantages and disadvantages, Discussion essay, Positive and negative.

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For example, your introduction, then I will add up another sentence saying “In this essay, I will tackle view points on why i agree on the idea of introducing sport to school curriculum.

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There is no fixed structure. You can have two or three body paragraphs – not more and not less.
Each paragraph should have a central topic and your first sentence should provide the main point to make the content easy for the examiner to understand.
You can use examples if you want or you can not use them. It’s your choice.
Don’t learn formulas.

The many ways, in which I identify myself, in fact, are the ways that define who I am.

Thanks, please it is advisable to use exclamation is our essays?

hey Liz!
Just wondering , for an essay statement
“Prevention is better than cure.” Researching and treating diseases……
Do we include this very proverb as it is at the start of our essay? or do we exclude it as a whole?

Please tell me Mam,,, if I write in example my won experience is it good or not in body paragraph……

Can we write etc. while giving examples?

In what became Section 6 of the final edition (lines 90-121 of the 1855 edition ) Whitman himself addresses this sort of 'meta-question' of interpretation....

Hii Madam, Ma’m kindly provide me some 9 band essays or essays written by you…

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For example: Agree/disagree
Para1: Introduction
Sentence1: Paraphrase
Para2:Supporting Para1
Sentence1:Topic sentence
Sentence2 : Explain topic sentence
Para3: Supporting Para2
Sentence1:Topic sentence
Sentence2:Explain topic sentence
Para4: Conclusion
Is it correct?
Please advise!