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More significantly, perhaps, the evidence for Kohlberg's stagesequence was drawn from studies of boys, and when one applies thesequence to the study of young girls, it turns out that girls onaverage end up at a less advanced stage of moral development than boysdo. In her 1982 book , Carol Gilligan responded to Kohlberg's viewsby questioning whether a theory of moral development based solely on asample of males could reasonably be used to draw conclusions about theinferior moral development of women. Gilligan argued that her ownstudies of women's development indicated that the moral development ofgirls and women proceeds and ends in a different fashion from that ofboys and men, but that that proves nothing about inferiority orsuperiority: it is merely a fact of difference. In particular,Gilligan claimed that women tend to think morally in terms ofconnection to others (relationships) and in terms of caring about(responsibility for) those with whom they are connected; men, bycontrast and in line with Kohlberg's studies, tend to think more interms of general principles of justice and of individual rightsagainst (or individual autonomy from) other people. But Jean Hampton,among others, responded that Gilligan’s critique was itself adistortion, and that concerns for justice and individual rights are assignificant for and in the moral lives of women as for men (Hampton1993).

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Whatever the arguments, the significant question to ask is whether they can be translated, as P.J.

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Students in the humanities want to explore their own big ideas, and they, too, need to focus their research. In English literature, their big issue might be “masculinity” or, to narrow the range a bit, “masculinity in Jewish American literature.” Important as these issues are, they are too vast for anyone to read all the major novels plus all the relevant criticism and then frame a comprehensive research paper.

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Indeed public reason imposes duties of civility upon the members ofinternational society, just as it does upon members of a liberalsociety. Government officials and candidates for high office shouldexplain their foreign policy positions to other peoples in terms ofthe principles and values of the law of peoples, and should avoidreliance on contentious parochial reasons that all peoples cannotreasonably share.

This is similar to what happened to the original Federal assurances about Social Security.

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This is what happened, and theoretically it is not that difficult to understand why.

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In particular, the “moral sentimentalists” Hutcheson and Humetreated morality as grounded in something other than reason, and theinfluence of Christian ideas and ideals of agapic love on Hutcheson(at least) is well documented. For Hutcheson, universal (i.e.,impartial) benevolence is the highest and best of human motives, butwe know this, not through reason, but through a moral sense (orsensitivity). Also, according to Hutcheson, the individual virtue ofjustice (ultimately) consists in being motivated by universalbenevolence, and he explicitly denies that benevolence can everconflict with true justice.

This is the effect of , which is what the Left disbelieves and hates about capitalism the most.

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As Benjamin Franklin said, it was not proper to make anyone "easy in poverty." In a 1766 essay, "The Encouragement of Idleness," Franklin said:

I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means.

In transactions of trade, it is not to be suppos'd that like gaming, what one party gains the other must necessarily lose.

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Rawls puts forward the original position as a useful device forreaching greater reflective equilibrium. He holds that the value ofthe original position as a method of reasoning is affirmed when itselects the first principle of justice, since the first principleaccords with many people's settled convictions about the importance ofassuring the basic rights and liberties for all. Having gainedcredibility by confirming these settled moral judgments, the originalposition then goes on to select principles for issues on whichpeople's judgments may be less certain, such as how society shouldstructure employment opportunities, and what a just distribution ofwealth and income might be.