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My memories of what happened to Stanley Tookie Williams fuel my passion to fight for change. This I know: Some of us have not forgotten what was done to Stan. Some of us will never forget.

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(“Eyewitness: The True Story Behind the Execution of Stanley Tookie Williams”

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Shirley and I will also co-produce a full-length play in February 2007 that will offer considerable detail about the last two weeks of Stan’s life, so that the public will better understand the spiritual ascendancy of Stanley Tookie Williams as well as the crass behind-the-scenes political motivations that led to his death.

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This is yet another example of how the authorities were able to destroy Stan’s body, but will be unable to obliterate his spirit and his work—his legacy as a peacemaker, life-affirming activist and a man who epitomized tremendous resolution and courage.

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John Kennedy stood up tall for peace. He was struck down. Tookie Williams stood up tall for peace. He was struck down. If I stood up for peace high enough to be seen, would I, too, be pushed aside? What was going to happen to humanity's peace project? Could we really bring peace to the whole world, one person at a time? Was there really something that we could do to help make this happen or was I just holding false hope? Why had there been this senseless killing of such a beautiful person, this man of peace? Why? When the state of California executed Tookie, I felt as if this callous institution had crushed all the hope that I held for a better world. In fact, it was almost as if they had crushed me, all my work, and everything I dreamed about. Who was going to correct our “correctional” institutions? Who? And when?

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Behavioral “profile” analysis paper on the criminal (Stanley Tookie Williams). Please utilize your text, police reports, reputable resources of crime scene information and the skills you are acquiring to answer *Precipitating cause for acting out psychosis and weapons used

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The drug designed to make Stan lose consciousness worked instantaneously. His head fell back from watching Shirley, Rudy and me one last time. But the second drug, a paralytic agent, only partially worked. His face was paralyzed, immobilized. He appeared to be sleeping peacefully. His lungs were paralyzed, which prevented him from screaming in pain, but his midsection was not affected. Stan’s stomach began to contort itself in unnatural ways: His abdomen caved in so deeply that he appeared to be a starving person, a shocking image considering Stan was 5’10” and weighed 250 lbs. of pure muscle. This ugly struggle to die lasted for 10 full minutes before Stan was pronounced dead.

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