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There are countless problems in our Karachi city. One of them is traffic problem. Essay on Traffic Problems in Karachi is asked in various classes such as IX, XI, XI, XII and other classes. Essay may be asked for 300 words, 500 words or 1,000 words depending upon the marks of the question. Here is the essay:

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- Floods in rural areas
- Pursuit of a better socio-economic life
Overpopulation in Karachi, Pakistan
Transportation: The polluting issue

"Over one half of Karachi’s population lives more than 10-km from the city centre."

- Traffic jams, overcrowded buses and accidents.
- The public transport problem: need for new buses.

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The Port of Karachi is one of the world's fastest-growing cities, and it faces the challenges of rapid growth: traffic, pollution, street crime, and poverty. These problems plague the Port of Karachi with a reputation for being a not-very-livable city. Traffic and air pollution are major problems facing the city, and the city has created new parks and planted trees in hopes of reducing pollution and improving the environment.

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