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Even liars want the people around them to be truthful, so that they do not lose their own way.

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(We have simplified Tarski's presentation somewhat.) This is anadequacy condition for theories, not a theory itself. Given theassumption that L is fully interpreted, we may assumethat each sentence φ in fact has a truth value. In light of this,Convention T guarantees that the truth predicate given by the theorywill be extensionally correct, i.e., have as its extension alland only the true sentences of L .

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In some places (e.g., Tarski, 1944), Tarski refers to his view as the‘semantic conception of truth’. It is not entirely clearjust what Tarski had in mind by this, but it is clear enough thatTarski's theory defines truth for sentences in terms of concepts likereference and satisfaction, which are intimately related to the basicsemantic functions of names and predicates (according to manyapproaches to semantics).

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It is often argued that these theses require some form of thecorrespondence theory of truth. (Putnam (1978, p. 18) notes,“Whatever else realists say, they typically say that theybelieve in a ‘correspondence theory of truth’.”) Atleast, they are supported by the kind of correspondence theory withoutfacts discussed in section 3.1, such as Field's proposal. Such atheory will provide an account of objective relations of reference andsatisfaction, and show how these determine the truth or falsehood ofwhat we say about the world. Field's own approach (1972) to thisproblem seeks a physicalist explanation of reference. But realism is amore general idea than physicalism. Any theory that provides objectiverelations of reference and satisfaction, and builds up a theory oftruth from them, would give a form of realism. (Making the objectivityof reference the key to realism is characteristic of work of Putnam,e.g., 1978.)

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As we saw in discussing the neo-classical correspondence theory,truthmaker theories, and fact theories in particular, raise a numberof issues. One which has been discussed at length, for instance, iswhether there are negative facts. Negative facts would be thetruthmakers for negated sentences. Russell (1956) notoriouslyexpresses ambivalence about whether there are negativefacts. Armstrong (1997) rejects them, while Beall (2000) defendsthem. (For more discussion of truthmakers, see the papers in Beebee and Dodd (2005).)

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We will not attempt a full exposition of Joachim's view, which wouldtake us well beyond the discussion of truth into the details ofBritish idealism. But a few remarks about his theory will help to givesubstance to the quoted passage.

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In light of our discussion in section 1.1.1, we should pause to notethat the connection between realism and the correspondence theory oftruth is not absolute. When Moore and Russell held the identity theoryof truth, they were most certainly realists. The right kind ofmetaphysics of propositions can support a realist view, as can ametaphysics of facts. The modern form of realism we have beendiscussing here seeks to avoid basing itself on such particularontological commitments, and so prefers to rely on the kind ofcorrespondence-without-facts approach discussed in section 3.1. Thisis not to say that realism will be devoid of ontological commitments,but the commitments will flow from whichever specific claims aboutsome subject-matter are taken to be true.

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We have thus turned on its head the relation of truth to metaphysicswe saw in our discussion of the neo-classical correspondence theory insection 1.1. There, a correspondence theory of truth was built upon asubstantial metaphysics. Here, we have seen how articulating a theorythat captures the idea of correspondence can be crucial to providing arealist metaphysics. (For another perspective on realism and truth,see Alston (1996). Devitt (1984) offers an opposing view to the kind wehave sketched here, which rejects any characterization of realism interms of truth or other semantic concepts.)