Introduction -Now a day Mobile Phones have become a basic need for us. So Mobile phones have completely changed the lives of humans for many years. Mobiles have become widespread all over the world. With the invention of the mobile phone, the writing of letters has become a history. In addition, mobile phones also play an anti-social role in mankind. It depends on the use of it. In summary, we can say that mobile phones have their uses and misuses that depend entirely on the user.


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there are many schools that already have rules against cell phones for the obvious reasons, and my principal has decided to ban them during school hours..grammer and terms that i used (is it academic or not). i agree that callers must not use their mobile phones to disturb others in these places, i do not believe that they should not answer all calls due to three principal reasons. the one hand, i accept that mobiles may interfere with the ambiance of certain of places. it's impossible to imagine a time when there were no phones, which was a long time ago. it is very useful for people to search everything whatever they want. many of the drivers who pass are as interested in their cell phone conversations as they are their driving. thus, it is easier to seek medical aid through phones. however these phones were just released and are going to be very expensive. cell phones started booming in the late 80’s and have sky rocketed since then with their cool sleek designs, stylish colors, and the capability of using the internet.. answer the questions – each body paragraph must explain one reason why you think mobile phones should not be banned. my opinion , i disagree with the idea that mobile users must not answer all calls in these places due to three principal causes. recent essay question reported on jan 31:Some people think that the use of mobiles (cell) phones should be banned in public places such a in libraries and shop and on public transport., cell phone is a source of quick communication which is very useful to covey our message. during 1983 the first phone was made, it took 10 hours to charge the battery. phones in the 1950s through 1970s were large and heavy, and most were built into cars. gsm phones need a separate microchip, called a subscriber identity module or sim card, to work. others have a special radio inside them that only makes phone calls when the phone is activated. considered by some that mobile phones must be prohibited in public places such as in shops ,libraries ,and public transportation system. overwhelming addiction to the internet and cell phones in our generation. people think that the use of mobile (cell) phone should be banned in public places, such as: in libraries, shop and on public transport. is true that mobiles(cell) phones should be prohibited in general places such a libraries and shop and on public transport. you can now pick different ring tones for your phone and can change the appearance. in my opinion, i strongly believe public use of phones should be banned owing to several reasons which shall be discussed in this essay. this is why mobile communications are sometimes called cellular communications. cell phones are cheaper than ever, smaller than when they first surfaced, and have become very advanced technologically. people think that the use of mobile (cell) phone should be banned in public places, such as: in libraries, shop and on public transport. in those days, the average middle-class person could not afford to buy a mobile phone. a bar phone is shaped like a candy bar, and the keys and screen are on one face. although these tools are very useful, the question of whether the tools of the cell phone are safe or not are constantly raised. i think driving while using cell phones should be banned because of the many car accidents they are causing, it is causing ones insurance to rise, and it is causing concerns to people health issues. arguably, as a communication tool, the cell phone has no equal in how it has changed and affected our lives. phone overuse (or problem mobile phone use) is a dependence syndrome seen among certain mobile phone users.- recently, the principal of my school has banned the use of cell phones during school hours. because of the low cost of printing 2d bar codes, there many possible applications that could be based on this. you can write about mobile phones or cell phones but that’s about it. cell phones can be very disruptive; they can invade people’s privacy and can also be used as harassment or bullying. and lastly, cell phones have even opened new doors for cheaters. conclusion, although, using mobile phones in public places can have some negative consequences, yet, i disagree with the idea of banning them fully, as this would clearly be an unjustifiable explanation to its users.- many students have cell phones to simply keep in contact with their family members when necessary. as a society, we have become so focused on how much we can do at one time that we are willing to risk our personal safety as well as the safety of others because we can’t put down our cell phones. are multi-functional and can be used as recording devices or cameras so shouldn’t be banned in public. cell phones fit perfectly into the four characteristics of pop culture. "excessive exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may cause the development of electrohypersensitivity". too much of a good thing: are you addicted to your smartphone? in a recent survey by tindell and bohlander (2012), over 97 percent of college student carry their cellular phones to class and use their cellular phones during lectures.- have you ever been out in public, and thought about the multitude of people using cell phones around you. he also believes that cell phones should be used before school hours and after school hours, but during school is very unacceptable. in this essay i am going to explain why i think that using mobile phones should be banned in public places with several reasons. although i agree that phones should be banned in certain places, i disagree with their strict prohibition in such public places. out of the recent advances in portable electronics, cell phones seem to be the product people rely on the most. they are so popular because they can be carried from place to place. one such application is examined in this thesis and aims to improve the usefulness of normal cash register receipts. is has been proven in many different states that teenage drivers are more susceptible to accidents without the use of a cell phone, but when they choose to add a cell phone to the mix, the potential for an accident increases significantly. have you ever thought about how inappropriate it is to use them in certain circumstances. while this is not realistic to think any parent would encourage their teen to drink and drive, it is something that one might as well tell them if you permit these children to talk on a cell phone while driving.

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Uses of Mobile phones – There are lots of uses of mobile phones. Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily communications. All mobile phones have the ability to voice and simple text messaging services. Their small size, relatively low cost, and many uses make these devices very valuable to advocates who are increasingly using them for communication and organization. On the other hand mobile phones especially smartphones are used to watch movies, play games, listening to music or to browse the internet as well.

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. The feds, along with Los Angeles law enforcement agencies, have bypassed the protections of the Fourth Amendment by deploying roving cell phone trackers that mimic mobile phone towers. The FISA Amendments Act has been used as a "blank check" for wholesale spying on Americans and has been abused often enough that the Director of National Intelligence was forced to admit these Fourth Amendment violations publicly.

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