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Vampire bats are members of the New World Leaf-nosed bats, thePhyllostomidae. All three species of living vampire bats occur in Southand Central America. Fossils of three other species reveal that severalthousand years ago vampire bats were more widespread. They are known fromCuba and from as far north as West Virginia and the northern Califfornia,places where they no longer occur. With the exception of captive amimals,vampire bats have never been found outside of the New World.

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Curiously, the old European association of bats to vampires occurred long before Europeans discovered the existence of the less common species of vampire bats in South America (the only continent where vampire bats are found).

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Whether you consider their anatomical or physiological specializations ortheir amazing social structure, the vampires are among the most excitingof bats.

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Three theories account for the origin of vampire bats. The first proposesthat vampire bats originated from fruit-eating bats. This theory suggeststhat large, strong upper incisor teeth would make fruit bats well suitedto switching to blood. This theory does not explain why blood-feeding didnot also appear among the Old World Fruit Bats, the Pteropodidae.

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Each vampire bat, whatever the species, needs about two tablespoonful ofblood every day. This represents about 60% of the bat's body weight, or20 g of blood. The bats extract this blood through a wound they make withtheir front (incisor) teeth. The wounds are approximately 5 mm deep and 5mm in diameter and do not cut arteries or veins. If you made a wound thissize on your body, it would produce about one drop of blood or less than agram. It appears that vampire bats are "one stop shoppers," feeding onone victim each night. Getting 20 g of blood from a wound that normallyproduces just one drop is a specialized business.

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Vampire bats feed only on blood, a fact that sets the human imaginationracing. The three species are medium-seized, with adult wingspans of 320to 350 mm and weights of about 40 grams. While they are larger than mostof the bats of the temperate zones of the world, vampire bats are muchsmaller than Gigantic Flying Foxes, which weigh in at 1,500 g. Horrormovie depictions of vampire bats often use flying foxes as models becauselarger bats are easier to photograph. This contributes to the publicperception of vampire bats as large, terrifying animals. But animals thatfeed on blood, whether they are insects, leeches or bats, tend to besmall because blood is a precioous commodity and hard to obtain in largeamounts.

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Naturalists returned from South and Central America with many fascinatingplants and animals. Among the collections were many bats, which weredescribed and given scientific names. Tooday in South and Central Americabats in several genera have names reflecting an earlier preoccupation withvampires. There are bats in genera called and Linnaeus' False Vampire Bat() is a versatile predator that takes a variety ofprey. True, whether it eats a bat, mouse or bird it gets some blood, but is neither a vampire nor a blood-feeder. Theothers, and , arefruit-eating bats that occasionally may take an insect. Together thesethreee genera house about 11 species but none of them is blood-feeder.

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In mammals and birds, which are thought to be the usual prey of vampirebats, blood amounts to 6-10% of the animal's weight. This means that a100-kilogram person (220 pounds) would have no more than 10 kilograms ofblood, or a 1,000-kilogram moose would have 100 kilograms of blood. A450-gram (1-pound) rat would have no more than 45 g of blood, and thevampire bats themselves have only 4 g of blood.