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Of Mice and Men is written in the third person, as if the writer is a fly on the wall.

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Everything mentioned there has a purpose in developing or echoing a theme or character trait that warns of doom The dramatic style that Steinbeck ontended from the outset, consists of dialogue which is mainly short exchanges, and it is usually the conversations that develop the story.

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These descriptions are not essential to the development of the story, whereas all events at the ranch are written economically and with little description.

Mean In Of Mice And Men, Curley's Wife is portrayed as a tarty character.
A tart Despite showing flirtatious and nasty characteristics, Curley's Wife is actually a misunderstood character too in Of Mice And Men.

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Within Of Mice And Men, Curley's Wife is sometimes presented as a mean character.

This is especially shown in section 4 of the novel in a tense conversation between Curley's Wife, Candy, Crooks and Lennie, as she snaps to Crooks, 'Well, you keep your place then, Nigger.

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The fact that Curley's Wife is wearing a lot of make up and has a showy appearance shows the reader that she wants the men on the ranch to notice her, and is therefore quite flirtatious.

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