Open communication between teacher and students is essential.

A teacher then needs to understand the value of the students' senses of belonging, which can be of greater value and build self worth for minority students.

Teachers show their pleasure and enjoyment of students.

Students should listen to the teacher and try their best in the class.

Teacher student relationship should be formal but inviting.

“Authoritarian control is often destructive to students who are in the primary grades, and eventually upper grades teachers have difficulty dealing with children who were taught with an authoritarian teacher” (Jones 215).

Laskie is a very hard teacher yet I got an A+ on this essay.

This knowledge is appropriate for the teacher, as they will be able to provide support for those students who may be struggling in a particular area and provide more challenging activities for those who are working beyond in other areas.

Students who are in their second year of high school should be able to choose their teachers.

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The student will conclude that his or her behavior is permissible, and will draw away from learning, therefore it is essentially important for the teacher to explain to the child the importance to learn.

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Students feel flattered when the teacher eventually gives them the option of contributing, or in other words the teacher asks for an opinion, which is usually not offered to the students.

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Students are given the opportunity to become independent through learning about what is expected of them and making positive decisions, whilst having a mutual respect for their teacher.

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The teacher(s) does not have to give up all their control, rather teachers share control with students and encourage interactions that are determined by mutual agreement.

It is an effective model as reduces the teacher’s reliance on power and is student centred.

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Teachers offer students help (e.g., answering questions in timely manner, offering support that matches the children’s needs) in achieving academic and social objectives.
Teachers help students reflect on their thinking and learning skills.

The traditional teachers follow the famous list of books to be read by his or her students.

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An effective teacher-student relationship provides a sense of security, guidance and respect.

Positive teacher-student relationships are characterized by open communication, as well as emotional and academic support that exists between students and teachers.
Personal Relationship An positive relationship a teacher develops with their students is formed on the basis of knowing them on a personal level.

(2011) Social Powers and Effective Classroom Management: Enhancing Teacher-Student Relationships.

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It is the teacher's duty to have a clear understanding of each individual student's academic abilities and being aware of their strengths and weaknesses.