How does peer pressure affect me.

Perhaps much of the dissatisfaction and unhappiness—and I know this isn’t popular either, but it’s right—comes from the fact that we are pressured by society to abandon that for which we are genetically programmed: nurturing, mothering, supporting, and raising families.

The reverse of the situation above is negative peer pressure....

People and teenagers in particular, tend to get influenced by the lifestyles of their peer group.

Peer pressure is a condition of the brain....

The film "10 things I hate about you" explores the ideas of peer pressure, individualism and trust with the use of setting, camera angles and costumes.

There are many types of peer pressure.

nothing is “written”, don’t be obtuse. There are however, damaging pressures on young girls and women (and older ones) to be all about looks, and all about airbrushed, unachievable looks at that. A counterbalance is essential.

Peer Pressure can be negative or positive depending on whom you hang out with.

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I agree with the majority of what is said in the article, in so much as beauty is objectified in a negative way and children (of both sexes) are suffering. My concern is that we go so far into praising their minds specifically that we then create room for other issues such as academic elitism and other forms of low self esteem; we all have strengths and perhaps rather than just look at picking up on a child’s looks and avoiding this, we need to concentrate on creating positive relationships and rounded role models, whether you engage on what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, what they like to eat, the pets they have (as the lady in this article inadvertently did with reading)…. it’s not just beauty, or just mental ability, or just strength, or just kindness, or just politeness, or just any of the other things we judge people on, it’s how we relate those things to ourselves and our kids and let them know that they are amazing and worthwhile full stop. A child at that age tends to copy their parents and peers….

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It’s very good to highlight and promote well-rounded girls (of all ages), but much of this thread is devoted to attempts to deny natural order. As humans, we are attracted to and are hardwired to value and appreciate physical beauty. And it’s absolutely normal that males and females of the human species are different in the degree and manner of appreciation, as well as the response to physical beauty. It’s not societal pressure, it’s the result of evolution.

There are two forms of peer pressure, explicit and implicit.

Aimed at business owners 35 and under, this peer mentorship program is designed to bring owners together in small, moderated peer groups that meet monthly to discuss relevant issues from both the personal and business realms.

Peer pressure is a day to day thing that a lot of people deal with.

Over the years, the program has undertaken numerous projects to facilitate creative expression among the 1,630,000 men and women incarcerated in America.

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I had a similar experience last Saturday, helping a friend at her fundraising event in front of a local grocery store. A 9 year old long hair, freckled girl was greeting customers while holding a bucket to collect donations. We were collecting funds for a cause rather complicated to explain concisely but i was very impressed at how this young girl was doing it! I told her, I complimented her on it and in front of her mom and other adults, her energy went straight up. Before leaving I offered her a gift and told her it is because she did such a great job I thought she deserved a reward. I gave her a copy of my book titled “Why Am I perfect?”. thank you for this post!