However, Abortion is necessary in many cases.

With regard to cases of normally healthy fetuses, the relevance of thisto abortion is that those who are more responsible (either through intentionor culpable negligence) for conceiving a child have a greater obligationto make sacrifices for a child than someone, such as a rape victim, whois not responsible for the conception. Generally, people who conceive childrenintentionally, apart from some special or acute circumstance, will notwant an abortion, so I would like here to address the notion of negligence.I think there are at least two kinds of negligence, one culpable, one not:(1) negligence out of a kind of ignorance -- lack of real understanding,even though one might have been told the information and is able to repeatwhat one has been told -- ignorance which is not culpable; and (2) negligenceout of lack of concern -- lack of behaving responsibly,which is culpable. In cases where ignorance is due to lack of concern,that kind of ignorance is culpable -- the person is responsible for beingignorant, and ignorance is not an excuse because the person should haveknown better. It is often, but not always, difficult to tell whether ignoranceis culpable or not, but I am not so much interested here in whether onecan tell as I am in trying to decide what is right when one can tell.

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It seems to me that a compassionate society would want to help a womanbe truly informed of all the possible practical options available to her,of all the likely practical and psychological consequences for herselfwhatever she decides (and for her child, should she choose to give birthto it), of the insights and wisdom gained later by those women who, inthe past, made such decisions under circumstances that were most similarto hers, and of the philosophical nature or basis for her decision. Thisdoes not mean to badger her with harangues by people with a close-mindedview, but to offer the most experienced, understanding, philosophical,and sympathetic counseling available from at least one counselor who isnot irrationally wed to some pre-determined recommendation regardless ofthe facts in a particular case. Just as it may be to a family's best interestfor a parent in many kinds of cases to let a child make a mistake for him/herselfto discover instead of paternalistically coercing the child into doingthe right thing, it may be that in many kinds of cases of contemplatedabortion it is best for society to let a woman make the most understandingand informed choice she can, rather than force her into an action she cannotreally accept. This does not mean letting her act on whim, in panic, oralone without aid to cope with burdens that others might easily help herovercome, burdens which are unnecessarily pressing her to an unwise decision.

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The article, Widening Regional Divide over Abortion Laws, was published in July 29, 2013. It investigates the disparities regarding public attitudes about abortion in different regions of the country. This observation is despite the country having witnessed largely steady opinions on the subject of abortion for the last 20 years. The disparity is such that southern states are in opposition of legal abortion with states in the north being in support of the same. New developments in states such as Texas that has recently passed laws restricting abortion point to the changing opinions. In fact, it is the only state where opposition to legal abortion has increased in the years following the mid 1990s. These reports are in contrast to states in the north such as New England that are in support of legal abortion. Consequently, the gap between these two regions is on a continued increase.

Laws against abortion do not stop abortion; they just make them less safe.
Nowadays, Abortion is a controversial problem as people think of appropriateness.

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A couple of decades ago when abortion was illegal, thousands of woman died for attempting to terminate the child’s life themselves or with unprofessional help.

Let's begin this essay by reading at a true life story of a woman who had an abortion.

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Take the case of brutal rape-induced pregnancy, for example. Surelyno one would want their child to be raised by a person with a brutal rapistmentality, taught in school by someone with such a mentality, to be friendswith such a person, nor to be married to such a person. We would do everythingwe could to prevent such exposures to our children. But if genetic make-uphas much to do with such a mentality, if we allow our child to be born,we are quite possibly dooming someone who is in part like us to be always influenced by someone who has the very kind of character we would neverwant our child exposed to, because it would be a permanent, inherent partof them. Even if a sensitive woman would not have to rear, or even gestate,such a child, does she not have some very strong right to want to terminatethe fetal life at a very early stage in order to prevent the kind of qualityof life she envisions for a child that is genetically (and in certain ways,emotionally) half hers? I do not know. I am not certain enough is knownabout how we develop into the kinds of human beings we become, and/or howwe develop our views on the value of the quality of our own life to knowhow reasonable such an argument might be. Again, however, the argumentof the friend of mine -- that the (prospective) baby is innocent, and shouldnot be terminated because of his father's crime -- is irrelevant, becausethe pregnant woman who would give the above kind of argument also seesthe child as innocent and therefore undeserving of being made to live akind of life that would be horrible. I doubt any rape-induced woman evenentertains the idea of aborting the child in order to punish the rapistfor his crime. Tay-Sachs disease or Downs syndrome is perhaps a more obviousor more arguable kind of case. The compassionate prospective parent isnot arguing that the baby should be aborted because it is somehow guiltyof something, or would be hard to rear, but because the child is innocentand does not deserve to be made to live the kind of life and die the kindof early death that such defects cause. Compassion and appreciation ofthe baby's innocence can be on both sides of the argument. They, by themselves,do not determine what is right to do.

Some states like North Dakota don’t cover abortion services unless rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother (Pickert, Doc 10).

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There are a number of cases I wish to consider in terms of the rightnessor wrongness of abortion. These are (1) conception due to rape, (2) unwantedfetus or embryo conceived by non-negligent accident, (3) unwanted fetusor embryo conceived by negligent accident, (4) fetus or embryo whose birthendangers the life of the pregnant woman, and (5) fetus or embryo thatis likely to be born to a life of very low quality because of either (a)severe physical and/or mental birth defects or (b) some reason other thansuch defects, for example, malnutrition and likely starvation in a drought-stricken,impoverished country.