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Chapter 11 is called “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Anna and Rochemont give up giving over their lives to a boys’ school, and take what they’ve got and go travelling around Europe. They have some 500 pounds and spend a year travelling about France and into the edges of Italy and Germany. He has connections with powerful wealthy Catholic establishment types in the provinces, she with Protestant Huguenots, and they bring introductory letters which let them into better and interesting society. Among those visited is Thomas Jefferson.

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After the failure of Wilberforce’s campaign and speech (with others) to abolish the slave trade on the high seas, Barbauld wrote a poem out of the shock she felt when she saw how shameless those voting against the bill were. They didn’t care in the least they were supporting such horrors and cruelty. Her conservative friend Hannah More wrote a poem More did not see was actually encouraging the establishment to extirpate non-establishment types and keep up violence and oppression, so Barbauld did write a biting reply. It’s not known if More saw that.

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An essay with a long cumbrous title (“Address to the Opposers … “) which came to be called “Does France Exist” was her answer to Burke. Yes, she said these new groups representing France are France too. They count, they matter. Her husband was part of the overt male groups of dissenters meeting at this time and he got to know Jacques-Pierre Brissot. McCarthy doesn’t mention this but in this way Barbauld connects to Roland who loved Brissot.

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This lot and monument are maintained by Mrs. Whiteford Cole of Louisville, who lived in Nashville until a few years ago and who is a descendant of this pioneer couple. The faded inscriptions recently were touched up with black paint and both now are plainly recognizable. This ancient shaft is in excellent general condition. It is located in the northeast corner near the Foster lot.

Pride of avocation and accomplishment were strong in those primitive days and funeral services of which the procession was an important accessory, as well as monuments, were inclined to portray conspicuously what the deceased was and did. A handsome monument is that of Robert Baxter, pioneer iron master. The photograph which accompanies this article is shown in part with special reference to disclosing how the Cumberland iron furnace, which Mr. Baxter established, looked in original days. It may be seen plainly sculptured on the lower part of the shaft.

One of the most artistic tributes in stone to be seen in the entire cemetery is that near the main gate on the left which was erected in honor of by surviving fellow stonemasons when the subject of the testimonial fell from a scaffold during the process of erecting the state capitol.

An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, in opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism.

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To his intense, belated gratification, Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote was a bestseller in most of Europe. It turned out to be to the modern novel what Sigmund Freud is to psychology: the cartographer and elaborator of its quintessence.

The Works of Robert Burns with a Complete Life of the Poet and an Essay on His Genius and Character.

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Lamb's essays of Elia were highly popular and were printed in many subsequent editions throughout the nineteenth century. The personal and conversational tone of the essays has charmed many readers; these works established Lamb as the most delightful of English essayists..... £110.00