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Although the target audience of the film are teens, females, and romantics, A Cinderella Story can be praised and savored by all audiences because of its ingenious screenplay, acting, and melodic soundtrack....

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The character of Cinderella is portrayed as a good little angel that always does what she is told.

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According to Sally Mitchell, "The serious interest in folklore was spurred by the translation, in 1823, of the stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm." A version of Cinderella was also written by Charles Perrault....

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This act of desperation can be seen throughout the movie, The Cinderella Man, where a professional boxer, Jim Braddock, becomes crippled by the depression, both economically and spiritually....

Cinderella forgives the step sisters and marries the step sisters to the great lords of the castle.

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Mary Morrissy is the author of three novels, Mother of Pearl, The Pretender and The Rising of Bella Casey and two collections of stories, A Lazy Eye and most recently, Prosperity Drive.

Mother of Pearl, her first novel, was shortlisted for the Whitbread Award (now Costa) and The Pretender and The Rising of Bella Casey have both been nominated for the Dublin Impac International Literary Award. Her short fiction has been anthologised widely and won her a Hennessy Award in 1984. In 1995 she was awarded the prestigious US Lannan Award which honours writers whose work “is of exceptional quality”. She is Associate Director of Creative Writing at University College Cork and a member of Aosdána.

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In fact, the story of Cinderella is so appealing that several different versions of the fairy tale have since appeared in various cultures, from the Native American version, "The Rough-Faced-Girl", to a Vietnamese version, "Tam and Cam." The different versions may be based on very distinct beliefs, but they all have one thing in common, that being that they all engage in the moral imagination that good always overcomes evil....

One version was written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm during the 1800's and was titled "Cinderella".

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We hope that they will serve as a useful reference tool to cinderella collectors and as a fitting tribute to the man whose collection they depict.

Cinderella was an ordinary girl who lived with her step-mother and step-mother.

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Psychology studies mental processes and behaviour, analysing Freudian decisions of Cinderella and what might have been her mental state in the fairy tale....

He focus on these two men that both want to become a great legacy and hero.

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Cinderella’s family consisted of conventional roles as the father was absent since he worked outside the house and the mother cared for the children....