Thus, modern nursing began as a very intimate profession.

What does it all mean? Considering that there are 2.7 million RNs working in the US today, we think the response has a lot to do with how under-represented nurses are in publishing and literature. These 21 personal narratives shine a light on the world of nursing, and reveal nurses at all stages of their careers--passionate, terrified, sometimes simply exhausted--as they take on one of the most challenging and under-appreciated jobs in the world.

The nurse should be educated about disease processes.

As a result, the nurses and midwives suffer from poor professional image and a low status.

In the 18th century nursing was not a profession yet....

Registered nurses also work to prevent disease , to educate the public about health issues , to enhance public health , and to help support ill patients both physically and mentally.

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Nursing is a health care profession which concentrates in supporting individuals, their families, and societies as a whole in preserving, attaining and improving best possible health and functioning (Kozier, et al., 2010 pp.

(Smith, J, & Phelps, S, 1992) Mary Mahoney was the first African American professional nurse.

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I had little direction when I graduated high school and had already disregarded the nursing field due to an incident with a family member (who was a nurse) that had left a negative impression about the nursing fi...

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Given the increased prevalence of obesity in all populations, the negative health outcomes, and associated healthcare costs of obesity, nurses are interval in building evidence-based strategies for disease prevention in adult and pediatric patients....

I will also reflect upon the influences that contributed to choosing nursing as a profession.

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Through the comparison of clinical and nursing leadership we can better distinguish what really makes up nursing leadership and the specific leadership styles that facilitate these types of leadership.

I will outline the terms of professional nursing practice and what makes nursing a profession.

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Malka revealed that nurses’ work has been recognized as the work that “medicine rejects or fails to see.” Nurses were not valued as reliable health care professionals.

Professional nursing practice has been developing for several centuries.

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Even though nurses do not have complete autonomy in decision-making and practice, Nursing should be considered a profession because it requires an extended education and has a theoretical body of knowledge.