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The question, however, still remains, was

the Louisiana Purchase a necessity for the young growing nation, or was the purchase

an unconstitutional act done by President Thomas Jefferson himself?

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the constitutionality debate Jefferson submitted the purchase to congress for
ratification in November 1803, it passed with overwhelming support,
Jefferson defended this action from the critics by claiming "laws of necessity"
which can be defined as everything that is necessary to preserve a nation is
only illegal if it is not done to preserve the nation.

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Also, it is

because of this purchase, that the Americans get rid of the French from the American

Continent, for if they had not removed French claims, who knows what Napoleon would

have done.

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In the late 1700s and early 1800s, two major events took place that were turning points for the U.S., The Louisiana Purchase and the Indian Removal Act, these events made an impact socially, economically, and politically.