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The course's lecturing staff includes a range of foreign lecturers, among which diplomats from foreign diplomatic missions in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as European Commission representatives, and journalists. Their presence allows the current topic to be discussed in a broad context, contributing to the usefulness of the seminar.

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(Note: The Journal of World Philosophies does not have a “letters to the editor” column.)

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Ms. Tanya Mihaylova, Director of the Diplomatic Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Radoslav Yankulov, General Director of the Bulgarian National Radio, signed a Memorandum for cooperation between the two institutions. It foresees information exchange, informing the society and joint radio broadcasts about the training, research and public activities in the field of Bulgarian and international foreign policy. The Diplomatic Institute will provide information about its activities and its own and foreign lecturers, which will participate in the radio broadcasts on BNR. Radio journalists will be included as lecturers, geopolitical, geoeconomical and international relations experts, in the qualification courses of the Institute.

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The essays will be assessed by a special commission, which includes experts from the Diplomatic Institute, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria. The two best of high-school students and the two best essays of university students will be awarded. The four winners will visit the European institutions in Brussels in June 2015. Their essays will be published on the website of the Diplomatic Institute, as well as in the online “Diplomacy Journal”, and the authors will receive certificates for their excellent performance. The final results will be announced on the Institute’s website in the period 11th - 15th May 2015.

Disputatio is the first Portuguese philosophy journal in the analytic tradition.

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An equally radical but opposite reaction is Deirdre McCloskey's, whodenies that there are any non-trivial methodological standards thateconomics must meet (1985, 1994). In her view, the only relevant andsignificant criteria for assessing the practices and products of adiscipline are those accepted by the practitioners. Apart from a fewgeneral standards such as honesty and a willingness to listen tocriticisms, the only justifiable criteria for any conversation arethose of the participants. Economists can thus dismiss arrogantpretensions of philosophers to judge economic discourse. Whatever agroup of respected economists takes to be good economics isautomatically good economics. Philosophical standards of empiricalsuccess are just so much hot air. Those who are interested inunderstanding the character of economics and in contributing to itsimprovement should eschew methodology and study instead the“rhetoric” of economics — that is, the means ofargument and persuasion that succeed among economists.

This philosophy also had a great effect on Marry Shelly's famous novel, "Frankenstein".

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Meanwhile, there are many other more specific methodologicalquestions to address, and it is a sign of the maturity of thesubdiscipline that a large and increasing percentage of work oneconomic methodology addresses more specific questions. There isplethora of work, as a perusal of any recent issue of the Journalof Economic Methodology or Economics and Philosophy willconfirm. Some of the range of issues currently under discussion werementioned above in Here is a list of three of the many areas of current interest:

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In the program you can hear the ex-journalist of the BBC Djanet Bari, who conducted trainings for preparing the state administration for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council in 2018. In the two courses, organized by the Diplomatic Institute, 20 senior government officials honed their skills in presentations and working with the media. A media coverage will take you to the Granit Hall of the Council of Ministers where, on the 26th of October, the first official presentation of the new book by Prof. Dr. Jasmin Popova took place. “The European Union after the Lisbon Treaty”, issued by the Diplomatic Institute, was presented during the meeting of the Council of European Affairs. During the program you will hear Prof. Popova, who made a comment on the current development of the EU and shared moments of her long experience as a researcher of European Law and Head of the Court of Justice in Luxemburg.

Unlike traditional journals, it is not a showcase for finished work but a forum for the discussion of work-in-progress.

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Furthermore, many of the same methodologists and historians haveargued that economics is not only an object of social inquiry, butthat it can be a tool of social inquiry. By studying the incentivestructure of scientific disciplines and the implicit or explicitmarket forces impinging on research (including of course research ineconomics), it should be possible to write the economics of scienceand the economics of economics itself (Hands 1995, Hull 1988, Leonard2002 Mirowski and Sent 2002).