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I do not mean that modern philosophical poets and modern philosophical moralists are to come and relate for us, in express terms, the results of modern scientific research to our instinct for conduct, our instinct for beauty.

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But I mean that we shall find, as a matter of experience, if we know the best that has been thought and uttered in the world, we shall find that the art and poetry and eloquence of men who lived, perhaps, long ago, who had the most limited natural knowledge, who had the most erroneous conceptions about many important matters, we shall find that this art, and poetry, and eloquence, have in fact not only the power of refreshing and delighting us, they have also the power,— such is the strength and worth, in essentials, of their authors' criticism of life,—they have a fortifying, and elevating, and quickening, and suggestive power, capable of wonderfully helping us to relate the results of modern science to our need for conduct, our need for beauty.

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Now if we find by experience that humane letters have an undeniable power of engaging the emotions, the importance of humane letters in a man's training becomes not less, but greater, in proportion to the success of modern science in extirpating what it calls "mediaeval thinking."Have humane letters, then, have poetry and eloquence, the power here attributed to them of engaging the emotions, and do they exercise it?

The study of Christian Science teaches a feeling of understanding of God's goodness and the differences between good and evil, life and death.

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The aim is to emphasize the significance of abduction in order to illustrate the problem-solving process and to propose a unified epistemological model of scientific discovery.

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Some visible scientists suggest that religion is an out-of-date mythological belief system that opposes progress and enslaves people to a lifestyle that brings them harm.

And here, I confess, I part company with the friends of physical science, with whom up to this point I have been agreeing.

"Literature and Science" (Matthew Arnold [1882])

All other knowledge was dominated by this supposed knowledge and was subordinated to it, because of the surpassing strength of the hold which it "aimed upon the affections of men, by allying itself profoundly with their sense for conduct their sense for beauty."But now, says Professor Huxley, conceptions of the universe fatal to the notions held by our forefathers have been forced upon us by physical science.

I talk of knowing the best which has been thought and uttered in the world; Professor Huxley says this means knowing literature.

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They will give us other pieces of knowledge, other facts, about other animals and their ancestors, or about plants, or about stones, or about stars; and they may finally bring us to those great "general conceptions of the universe, which are forced upon us all," says Professor Huxley, "by the progress of physical science." But still it will be knowledge only which they give us, knowledge not put for us into relation with our sense for conduct, our sense for beauty, and touched with emotion by being so put; not thus put for us, and therefore, to the majority of mankind, after a certain while, unsatisfying, wearying.

Even if literature is to retain a large place in our education, yet Latin and Greek, say the friends of progress, will certainly have to go.

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